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Tinder hottest students

These are officially the hottest students on campus, according to Tinder

It’s not looking good for anyone studying languages

Sports science, economics, English lit—we all like to think of ourselves as having studied the sexiest subject. But now Tinder have conducted a survey to put the debate to rest once and for all and reveal which degree is actually the most attractive to everyone else on campus. So, who are the hottest students?

Well, after surveying 1,000 UK uni students between 18 and 25-year-old alongside the strategic insight agency Opinium, I regret to inform you the most desirable students on campus are: Medics. Yup. It turns out their arrogance actually is justified. Everyone wants to date a doctor.

But, in case you’re not out there saving lives and curious about where your course came in the top five ranking, here are all the results broken down by percentages:

1.  Medicine

No real surprises here. Insane intelligence. Never-ending clout. So, 37 per cent of students would date a doctor, even with the long hours, chaotic placements, and five years of training.

2. Law

We all love a man in a wig. Just kidding – sort of. Very big Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones/Harvey Specter in Suits energy. And 29 per cent of students would date a lawyer.

3. Science

No further explanation of what type of exactly what type of science here but 20 per cent of students would date a scientists. Are lab coats sexy???

4. Engineering

Who wouldn’t want to date the next Dyson. Engineering also scored 20 per cent.

5. Computer Science

Who would have thought the top five would contain so many STEM subjects. Justice for the humanities. But Computer Science scored 18 per cent.

And what about everybody else?

Elsewhere in the survey, Business scored 15 per cent, Maths the same, Art and Design 14 per cent, Economics 13 per cent and English 12 per cent. So, if you’re studying languages you’re pretty much doomed. Sorry.

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