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‘Go f*ck yourself’: Kanye finally responds to hate for posting nude photos of his wife

‘I don’t care, bro’

Kanye West has hit back at fans who have criticised him for posting his wife, Bianca Censori, on social media – often with minimal or no clothes on – after weeks of speculation he has a “humiliation kink” thanks to the explicit images.

“She makes me happy,” he said in a video on social media, wearing massive gold grills. “That’s why y’all are happy with the music, cause I’m happy. You understand?

“So, don’t never say nothing negative,” he continued. “If you don’t like my page and don’t like what I’m posting, go fuck yourself. Leave the king the fuck alone. I don’t care, bro. I’m gonna post my wife as much as I want.”


Reaction to the video was predominantly negative: “The way he treats her [Bianca] is disgusting,” wrote on person on Twitter/X. “For no reason should your wife be leaving the house in a thong and bra. be serious,” they added. “She looks miserable most of the time,” said another user. “Free Bianca,” chimed in a third.


Kanye’s social media statement is the latest instalment in a now-winding saga with him and his wife. Last week, he was accused of having a “humiliation kink” after posting distressing pictures of Bianca in minimal clothing to Instagram. He has also been reported to have banned Bianca from social media:

“Bianca has always had social media and she was active on it – until she married Kanye,” an insider told the Mail. “He doesn’t want her to have it because he thinks that it will hurt her if she had to read the nasty things that people say.

“He convinced her that, since she is a star now, she has to remain a mystery and it is creepy to those who know her as it feels like another form of control. He is pushing her nakedness all over his own [account] so that he can control her narrative. It is disturbing, and by shutting her off from the world he is causing her to become more and more isolated.”

He has since deleted many of his Instagram posts following the backlash.

Kanye has reportedly also given Bianca a list of instructions which includes foods his wife is and isn’t allowed to eat, alongside when she is allowed to speak. A source claimed: “Kanye has a set of rules for Bianca, which includes never speaking and wearing what he wants her to wear.”

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