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Love Island coronation party

Erm, King Charles has invited a Love Island contestant to his big coronation party

Well, that was unexpected

It’s fair to say that most young people (75 per cent, according to YouGov) don’t really care about King Charles’ upcoming coronation. But, when a Love Islander revealed they’d received a royal invitation to the exclusive, expensive, reception at Windsor Castle before the coronation concert on Sunday, obviously, we were intrigued.

Yup, Tasha Ghouri – just 10 days after slaying the house down at Coachella – posted a picture to Instagram revealing she’d been sent a grand invitation from the palace. “The Master of The King’s Household is commanded by Their Majesties to invite Ms Tasha Ghouri to a Reception to be given at Windsor Castle prior to The Coronation Concert,” it read.

Obviously, we have some questions. Like, what will she wear? Is Andrew allowed to go as her plus one? Does King Charles know about the iconic “I licked her tit or whatever” fandango? Worlds are colliding and our brains are going into orbit.

The concert itself is going to be bizarre enough (Tom Cruise, Winnie the Pooh and Joan Collins are, somehow, involved). But it seems like the real unexpected pairing chaos will be going down behind closed doors at Windsor Castle on Sunday. So, hopefully she posts loads of behind the scenes content on Instagram. But, if she gets anyone royal to do a TikTok dance, our heads will implode. It just doesn’t compute.

Seemingly, Tasha is the Islander that’s been selected to go to the reception because of her advocacy work for the cochlear implant, rather than for her role in the show. As Love Island’s first deaf contestant, she’s made loads of content about her “super power” and has been praised for raising awareness of the electronic device that helps her and the set backs she’s overcome.

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