Molly-Mae is being ridiculed for going to the gym and the comments are totally ridiculous

People have claimed she should be cuddling her new baby instead of exercising

For as long as she’s been in the public eye, everyone has had an opinion on Molly-Mae. She has over seven million followers, almost two million YouTube subscribers, and nearly three million fans on TikTok. With that level of fame, analysis of her life is expected. But now there’s been backlash about her going to the gym in her house. For the love of god, let the woman live.

After giving birth to Bambi three weeks ago, Molly joked her “bottom has tripled in size” and shared videos of herself doing gentle exercise to make herself feel good. Bambi was chilling in her cot on the floor because she liked the whirring sound of the gym machines. It all looked pretty wholesome. But the Karens didn’t approve. 

Molly Mae gym

‘Molly-Mae, I beg you, please, step off your stair climber and enjoy another cuddle with your new baby. For you, and your followers,’ the Metro tweeted as it shared an an opinion piece by Sarah Whiteley. “Why on earth isn’t she celebrating her body and how incredible it is to have created and carried her beautiful baby, rather than focusing on the fact that her bum…is slightly bigger,” she wrote.  

Immediately, outrage erupted at the judgement: “??? Delete this,” responded Amber Gill. “Marvelling at the miracle of life you have just created and wanting a nice bum do not need to be mutually exclusive, leave women alone,” added a fan. “How do we know she’s not spending all day cuddling her baby and then taking an hour in the gym to get her body how she wants it?” pointed out another.

“So Tommy is allowed to leave them for a month for training camp, but she’s not allowed to do a bit of exercise and get back into healthy habits whilst caring for her baby 24/7?” commented a third. “The double standards for women.”

Molly Mae gym

As the Metro piece actually points out, Molly is doing low level exercise, approved by her doctor. “I consulted with my midwife before starting to exercise again! The last week I have felt fully recovered and ready to move my body gradually again. Just wanted to clear that up,” she told her followers on Instagram.

By her own admission, Molly-Mae isn’t dieting dangerously or wearing a sauna suit twice a day like Kim Kardashian before the Met Gala. She’s sweating, and working hard to feel her best. In fact, documenting the hours it takes her to train is far more realistic than the myth of “snapping back into shape” where other celebrities emerge months later seemingly effortlessly “taut” and “toned”.

Why should Molly-Mae be judged for walking on a stair climber for an hour per day? She doesn’t need to spend every hour of every waking moment attached to her child. And, in an era of seriously questionable influencer behaviour, what a women chooses to do with her body should really be the last of the press and the public’s concerns.

As one Twitter user put it: “This just reinforce the idea that exercise is always a punishment that absolves guilt, which just reinforces toxic diet culture. Movement also makes you feel good and present in your body which, not for nothing, might be needed after carrying another life for nine months.”

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