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‘Hurting is an understatement’: Lionesses’ heartbreaking statements as they arrive home

‘We created history but we wanted more’

The Lionesses made England proud in the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday. Despite being beaten by Spain 1-0, they went further than any England women’s team had gone before, broke TV audience records, broke ticket sale records, and inspired girls across the country to play.

Yet, they’ve still been criticised by tabloids for leaving Heathrow airport out of a private exit rather than greeting fans waiting for them to touch back down in the UK from Australia. Pictures have also emerged of Alessia Russo in tears at baggage claim. These girls are heartbroken.

So, in case you’re wondering how the Lionesses are feeling now, here’s everything the players have said since the Women’s World Cup ended and they returned to England:

Sarina Wiegman – ‘We have been through a lot’

Alessia Russo – ‘Heartbroken that it wasn’t meant to be’

Lauren Hemp – ‘We created history but we wanted more’

Chloe Kelly – ‘I’m sorry we couldn’t bring it home’

Millie Bright – ‘Hurting is an understatement’

Mary Earps – ‘💔’

Lucy Bronze – ‘Thank you to the fans’

Alex Greenwood – ‘This one hurts a lot and will for a while’

Ella Toone – ‘We will be back!!’

Georgia Stanway – ‘Despite falling short at the very end, It’s been an absolute dream’

Jess Carter – ‘Nothing but absolute pride’

Lauren James – ‘The ending wasn’t what we wanted but always proud’

Rachel Daly – ‘It wasn’t meant to be. What a journey’

Bethany England – ‘This one hurts’

Keira Walsh – ‘Still hurting and will for a while’

Katie Zelem – ‘Not what we wanted but still something we should be so proud of’

Laura Coombs – ‘Summer of a lifetime’

Hannah Hampton – ‘We all had the same dream’

Esme Morgan – ‘Proud of our journey’

Lotte Wubben-Moy – ‘Second in the world. Bitter sweet’

Katie Robinson – ‘Forever proud and grateful’

Ellie Roebuck – ‘We gave it our all’

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