Sistine Stallone

Everything you need to know about Sistine Stallone: Sylvester’s TikTok famous daughter

She might be the funniest nepo baby out there

Lately, Sylvester Stallone (aka the actor who played Rocky) is all over everyone’s TikTok For You Page giving out dating advice, which isn’t something we had on our 2023 bingo cards. But, he’s not swiping on Hinge, filming outfit checks, and miming viral audios for just anyone. No, his daughter Sistine begged him too.

Now with over three million followers on TikTok, Sistine is blowing up online. So, in case you’re curious about Rocky’s seriously glamorous 24-year-old middle child, who’s also an established actress and podcast host, here’s everything you need to know:

She convinced her dad to star in a reality show


Sly thinks he’s cooler than me

♬ Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) – Mike Posner

Like the Kardashians, Sistine, her sisters and half-siblings (Sophie and Scarlet and Sage and Seargeoh) all have names beginning with the same letter, which essentially screams dynasty. So, unsurprisingly the Stallones now have their own reality show: The Family Stallone on Paramount Plus. It was during the promo for TFS when Sistine’s TikToks really started to blow up. Basically, thanks to her dad’s surly reaction to the internet.

She has a podcast with her sister

As well as The Family Stallone show, Sistine has a podcast with her older sister Sophia called Unwaxed podcast. And, honestly, it’s funnier than anything male comedians are churning out. So, defs worth a listen. It’s basically all about adulting and single life – and obv their dad features in one episode.

Sylvester always scares off her dates


sssswipe 🥲

♬ original sound – Sistine Stallone

Obviously, one of Sistine’s most popular TikTok’s is her parents going through her Hinge. And if your dad is Rocky, it’s either going to enamour or intimidate every man in your life. And, on top of that, Sylvester actually writes Sistine’s break up texts, too. “My dad is a savant when it comes to our dating lives in so many areas. In one area, he writes most of our breakup texts,” she recently said on The Giggly Squad podcast.

He’s also super scary when she brings guys home: “We’re like ‘Oh, this [date] is a good egg,” she said. “‘We’re gonna bring him home.’ [But Dad] is always standoffish. [He] stands in the corner. Doesn’t say anything […] just to intimidate.” Iconic.

She lives a seriously cool life in NYC

Sistine recently moved from LA to New York with her sister Sophia and they’ve been having the vibiest time on the East Coast. “I feel like everyone always says the grass is always greener,” she told WWD . “We grew up in L.A. and we just wanted a whole life change, culture shock. In your mid-20s everyone says now is when you have to do it. We just took that advice and ran.”

She’s making a big Hollywood film

Sistine got a degree in communications from University of Southern California five years ago but acting (like her dad) is her real interest. She’s had roles in a couple of films (the horror film 47 Meters Down: Uncaged) but is now in pre-production from a film she wrote, produced and sold to MGM.

The film is about a tradition seniors in her high school do every year with a horror twist and we’ll get to see her working on the film during the next season of The Family Stallone. “It’ll be really special because this is my first time doing anything producing-wise behind the scenes. It’ll be nice to have my dad there for advice and me trying to figure it out on my own,” she told WWD. Nepo babies, rise up.

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