Love Island teetotal contestants

Surprising Love Island contestants who’ve ditched drinking to try teetotal living

Paige Thorne is over six months sober

Everyone knows the Love Island villa has strict alcohol policies: two drinks of wine or beer per night, unless contestants are breaking the booze regulations under a very specific set of circumstances. But, on the outside wild, they’re let loose. They can drink and party as much as they want. Yet, some of them choose to stay sober.

So, in case you’re curious about which Islanders have ditched drinking to try teetotal living no matter how many Pretty Little Thing open bar launch events they’re invited to, here are all of the Love Island contestants who’ve spoken out about their sobriety:

Dr Alex

Dr Alex announced he was going sober on Instagram back in December 2022. “There is a societal assumption that if someone has gone sober then they must have some serious ‘problem’ and be at ‘rock bottom’,” he wrote. “I drink a couple of times a week, and have good ‘control’ of my consumption. But recently I have been questioning why I drink at all. I have become sober-curious.

“Alcohol is a terrible mix with ADHD, has no real benefits to our physical or mental health, and yet I drink regularly. I have started to question why? Like with any relationship, it’s good to understand how it’s serving us and whether the reasons we signed up to it are even still relevant or helpful. Or even whether the dynamic has changed.

“Most of the mistakes or poor decisions I have made, I have made while drinking,” he admitted. “I don’t know whether I’m going sober for ever, or for a period of time,” he added. “What I do know is that the step back will only do me good.”

Molly-Mae Hague

Although Molly-Mae isn’t fully tee total, she explained her reluctance to drink alcohol in her memoir, Becoming Molly-Mae, last June. In the book, she reveals her mother turned to alcohol after her parents divorced, which “sort of explains” why she doesn’t love drinking as an adult.

“In that first year after the divorce, Mum really struggled. For a very short while just after the divorce, she turned to alcohol to cope with the pain of the breakdown of their marriage,” she wrote. “Which sort of explains why I am the way I am with alcohol – I pretty much avoid it. I associate these difficult times after my parents’ divorce with alcohol being involved and my mum drinking too much.”

Lucie Donlan

After leaving the Love Island villa, Lucie revealed she’d stopped drinking for six months ahead of joining the show to help with her gym routine. Of her lifestyle overhaul, she told The Mirror: “I did lots of surfing three times a week in a gym. I don’t drink or smoke. I was probably about a size 12 and now I am a six to an eight. I was pushing on 11 stone. I wasn’t massive but it just wasn’t healthy.”

Paige Thorne

Paige has recently revealed on TikTok she’d gone sober and hasn’t touched a drink for six months. Back in December, she admitted she was giving up alcohol because she hadn’t been in a good place since her split from Adam Collard.

“I’m not one of those people who would have a casual glass of wine, if I’m drinking I drink to get drunk. I don’t actually enjoy the taste of alcohol so I’d only ever drink to end up in not a great way,” she told

“I’d never know my limit. I’d wake up the next morning, look at my phone and be like ‘Oh my god what have I done? Who have I called? Why would I do that to myself?’ I was dancing on stages, acting absolutely crazy and I just was like: ‘This is not a great look.’”

Luca Bish

Luca Bish admitted he didn’t drink while inside the Love Island villa on a date with Danica. Luca’s never really revealed why he made the choice to go teetotal but he was praised for normalising the decision and his sister posted loads of videos of him dancing on nights out to show he still has a good time sober.

Jacques O’Neill

After she left the Love Island villa, Casa Amor contestant Coco revealed in an interview with Closer that Jacques never drank inside the villa either. “And they expected me to find a match!” she joked of the multiple sober men who she couldn’t relate to. “I’ll have a wine.”

Jay Younger

Jay was another contestant who Coco revealed never drank inside the Love Island villa. Although he hasn’t spoken about sobriety on the outside world, he’s seriously in the gym so, we wouldn’t be shocked if he’d given up booze. “They would have Fanta or something like that,” said Coco.

Josh Le Grove

Another Casa Amor girl Chyna Mills also revealed to Closer that the guy she liked, Josh, didn’t drink either. While some of the boys would have water, Josh opted for Fanta and pineapple juice in the evenings or during challenges— like a makeshift mocktail.

Michael Griffiths

Everyone’s favourite gym-obsessed member of Destiny’s Childish has embraced a super clean way of living since leaving the villa and has been alcohol free for over a year. “I was drinking when I first came out of the villa because I was living life, out at parties and events. Then I was like, do I really need to go to all these events? Do I need to drink all the time?” he told the Mirror.

“When I started prepping for my [bodybuilding] show, I didn’t drink, and after the show finished, I opened up a drink in my hotel room. I’d bought myself 6 bottles of magnums [tonic wine], opened one, took a sip and spat it out,” he added.

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