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Oscars gift bag

Okay, so what is actually inside the unhinged Oscars 2024 gift bags worth $180k?

This product list is chaos

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that once you’re rich and famous you get everything for free. And never is this fact more apparent than during Hollywood’s awards season when goodie bags worth hundreds of thousands of dollars always seem go had in had with Best Actor nominations.

This year, we’ve already gawped at the Golden Globes gift bag worth a humungous $500k. And this Sunday’s Academy Awards have only scrimped with a slightly smaller budget by giving all nominees an “everyone wins” party favour worth over $180k.

I’ll start by saying there are three luxury holidays included in this absolute smorgasbord of stuff. But everything else is sort of giving school tombola. Big raffle energy. Suspect much of it might be re-gifted/recycled. Anyway, here’s what’s inside:

A gift voucher to have your mind read by mentalist to the stars Dr. Carl Christman

Respectfully, what the hell x

THOR Kitchen luxury kitchen appliances + culinary accessories

Ryan Gosling entering his chef era?

10,000 donated meals from v-dog in support of PETA’s Global Compassion Fund

This feels so random.

Adonis Arcana men’s grooming and skincare products

Bet Emma Stone and Lily Gladstone will really appreciate this one.

BlendQuik and Next Generation Mason Jar Style Personal Portable Blender


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Two blenders one bag? Brave!

Full line of Miage skincare products and endless other anti-ageing potions

Deep breath, to cure their oncoming fine lines and wrinkles nominees will get: Goodal Vitamin C serum + eye gel patch, AURO WELLNESS Glutaryl topical glutathione, Helight red light sleep therapy device, Hotsy Totsy Haus Deafinitely Divine Glow Kit ,EpicLight Beauty Radiant Duo blush + lip balm, INSTYTUTUM result-driven skincare gift set, DANUCERA award-winning Cerabalm and D22 Tonic, and Serucell post-procedure restorative Recovery Serum.

Botox and filler who?

Blush Silks pillowcases crafted from the highest grade pure mulberry silk

Botox and filler who?

Blush Silks pillowcases crafted from the highest grade pure mulberry silk

Some snacks including: C60 Power Sugar Free Tart Cherry Gummies, EATABLE premium gourmet popcorn inspired by the flavors of Happy Hour,  vegan Fetcha Chocolates, poppi reimagined soda, the Sagar Luxury Sugar Experience, black liquorice from Windy City Sweets and Posh Pretzels.

Did anyone else feel slightly unwell just reading that.

A range of games in case they get bored while waiting for their category

Including: A Rubik’s Cube 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, Wesper’s in-home Clinical Sleep Consultation, and a “You Talkin’ to Me?” collection of iconic lines from movies game.

Antigua Cruz Tequila and Gin Bothy Scottish gin

All booze inclusions are valid. Have you seen how long this ceremony is.

A seven-day holistic retreat at an inclusive luxury resort in California


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Other Yogi vibe products include: A Sound Bath with Kate Schofield and The Earth’s Hum Tuning Fork, Karma Nuts Cashew Cookies, and HEYDUDE comfortable  footwear.

Awards season really takes it out of you, tbf.

An all-inclusive Swiss getaway at Chalet Zermatt Peak

So, the whole of Hollywood can be in the same part of the Alps at one time? Turn it into a reality TV series now.

A three-night stay in a private villa in St Barths.

Because how would they ever afford their own x

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