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90s yearbook photos how to TikTok

Here’s how to create the ’90s AI yearbook photos you’re seeing all over TikTok

It’s giving Sex Education

In possibly the most slay TikTok trend since we all turned ourselves into Barbies, everyone has been posting what they’d look like if they’d gone to an American high school two decades ago with a ’90s yearbook AI filter— and the results are so Rachel Green/Sex Education/10 Things I Hate About You coded it hurts.

Literally everybody from Hollywood’s KiKi Palmer, Love Island’s Millie Court, to our fav influencers like Charley Marlow have given it a go. So, here’s how to create your own pure stunning, gorgeous, high school picture day pics to post:

Right, so how do you actually create the ’90s AI yearbook photos that are all over TikTok right now?


No bcos this has made me want to change my hair AGAIN #aiyearbook what one shall i do first lol

♬ original sound – Dose of RX | A dose of life ✨️ – RX | Dose of RX

Basically, if you want to slay the house down with ’90s yearbook pics, you need to download an app called Epik AI in the App store or Google Play. Epik AI itself is free – but the ’90s yearbook photos cost £3.99 if you can wait 24 hours to see them or £5.99 if you want to be able to download them within two hours.


I belong in tbis era

♬ original sound – Dose of RX | A dose of life ✨️ – RX | Dose of RX

When you get on the app, you just tap the ‘AI Yearbook’ option and upload 12 photos of yourself and select your gender. And, obv, you want all the pics to be as high quality and well lit as possible so the results are as wow as they can be. Epik AI also suggests uploading photos with multiple different angels and expressions so the tech can really get a feel of your vibe. Can’t wait to upload all of these to Hinge x

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