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Melissa Tattam Made in Chelsea house

Chandeliers and city views: Inside Melissa Tattam’s seriously luxe London house

It’s getting a full Made in Chelsea makeover

In the cost of living crisis when people can barely afford to rent, let alone buy, a house in London, a self-destructive pass time emerging rapidly is looking at rich people’s houses, instead: Through the window on the street, via Instagram timelines— we like to torture ourselves with things pretty things we’ll never own.

And Made in Chelsea’s Melissa Tattam has successfully started satisfying everyone’s home-owning fantasies by sharing details of the humungous renovation project she’s taken on in South London. Like, seriously, this place is massive. It could even rival Issy Francis Baum’s mansion by the time she’s done.

The entire roof has been taken off and extended

Her construction company’s designs are seriously chic

She has crazily high ceilings and a minimalist bathroom

This is the overall aesthetic she’s aiming for

And the fireplace and chandeliers are already in

Honestly, we hope these home updates never stop. There’s nothing more fun than judging someone else’s interior design choices.

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Featured image credit via Instagram.