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One Day book differences

One Day’s author reveals one huge way Netflix’s series differs from the book

We all owe the producers a big thank you

The new adaptation of One Day has just dropped on Netflix and the story of Emma and Dexter’s winding romantic entanglement across decades has once again got us all in a chokehold. Leo Woodall has never looked sexier and the soundtrack is bop after bop.

But, obviously, before the Netflix series came the 2011 film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. And before that came the heart-wrenching and eternally relatable book by David Nicholls in 2009. So, in case you’re curious about the source text, here’s what One Day’s author had to say was one of the biggest difference between the book and the latest One Day adaptation:

Wait, so how is Netflix’s One Day series different to the book by David Nicholls?

One Day

Credit: Netflix

According to One Day’s author David, the new Netflix series has a lot more bedroom scenes than his book: “There is a lot more sex in this than there is in the novel,” he told Entertainment Weekly ahead of the shows release. “I tend to fade to black and Nicole [Taylor, One Day’s head writer] doesn’t fade to black.”

He added of the adaptation process: “I knew quite early on I didn’t want to write it myself. I spent so much time with it. It felt like it needed a fresh pair of eyes, but it’s been bliss. Of course we’ve cut things. We’ve had to condense things. So there’s still those editorial decisions to be made, but I’ve been so happy with the process and it’s been an incredibly enjoyable experience.”

One Day

Credit: Netflix

And the added sex scenes aren’t the only difference between David’s book and the Netflix series. The novel opens with Emma and Dexter already talking in bed. Whereas the show is more chronological and shows them meeting at their graduation ball.

Additionally, while in the Netflix adaptation Dexter just doesn’t fancy rushing to put his clothes back on while skinny dipping in Greece, in the book his outfit is stolen by some locals. He’s also still travelling in India while Emma works in the Mexican restaurant the year earlier – not already wowing everyone with his new TV career.

One Day is available to watch on Netflix now. For more like these One Day filming locations and all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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