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Inside Elle Brooke’s luxurious OnlyFans life which left Piers Morgan speechless

She’s got an insane salary

Elle Brooke has been a seriously famous internet celebrity (2.3million followers on TikTok) and adult content creator for years. But yesterday she had a real star is born moment when she achieved the near impossible on live television: silencing Piers Morgan.

Before becoming an OnlyFans star, Elle studied law at Southampton Uni. “[You] packed it in just for money to be effectively an online stripper,” Piers chastised her on TalkTV. “How do you feel when you want to have kids yourself?” he asked. “When you do, will you be proud when your little ones look at you and go didn’t you want to be a lawyer mummy?”

To which, she iconically replied: “They can cry in a Ferrari.”

So, in case you’re curious about Elle Brooke’s lavish life which literally left Piers Morgan speechless for perhaps the first time ever, here’s everything you need to know about her six figure salary and insane car collection:

Elle earns thousands every month posting adult content on OnlyFans

Elle is amongst the top 0.01 per cent of creators on OnlyFans. So, is one of the highest earners on the site. During her interview with Piers she claimed she earns “double” what Piers does (his salary is rumoured to be £15million per year).

During the interview, Elle dodged answering exactly how much she made. “I earn a lot,” she said. “I earn a lot of money. I don’t want to give a specific number but I am 0.01% per cent on OnlyFans. I’m as top as it gets. It means you are the best of the best.”

Back in February, Elle claimed she made around £30,000 a month from OnlyFans (360k) per year. But this number is likely to have risen throughout 2023 and be bolstered by other influencer income across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Her net worth has been reported to be around £2million.

She spends a serious amount of the cash she makes on sports cars

Last month, Elle revealed her car collection on Instagram, which includes a £180,000 white Porsche 911. She’s also posed next to a white BMW 318d m Sport (£40,800), and a Dodge Challenger (£26,000), although it’s not been confirmed whether she owns those.

Her house is gorgeous but she’s always travelling to exotic locations

Ella grew up in Surrey and now has a modern and seriously spacious house of her own, which fans have only really seen glimpses of in the background of her Insta posts and videos. Big windows, sleek kitchen, art on the walls – it looks pretty luxe.

But, looking through Ella’s insta, she spends a lot of time travelling, too. Ski trips, visits to Poland, holidays to Florida— basically, exactly what you’d expect of someone raking in thousands every month. Good for her.

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