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Omg, Love Island finishes in under TWO WEEKS and there are still no strong couples

Whitney and Lochan are my winners but they literally just met?!

This might have been the spiciest season of Love Island we’ve seen in years, but thanks to all of the drama, betrayal and chaos, we’re now just weeks away from the finale with no clear winners. Apart from Whitney, obv. Whoever she’s coupled up with can be crowned by default.

Yup, it’s nearly time to squint into the summer sun and touch some grass after being holed up in our ITVX bunker for the best months of the year, because Love Island is coming to an end in under a month. And this eight-week series has made the season feel shorter than ever.

So, in case you’re wondering when you finally get your evenings back from the addictive clutches of watching Tyrique cause absolute mayhem, here’s what we know so far:

So, when exactly is the Love Island 2023 final episode?

Maya Jama Love Island outfit

The date for the Love Island 2023 finale is yet to be confirmed by ITV execs. But the date appeared to be accidentally leaked on AfterSun.

Sam Thompson was gushing about how much he loved Ella B as a bombshell and accidentally added “Ella B’s a perfect bombshell for two and a half weeks to go,” which would make the series’ end date Monday July 31.

The 2023 series of Love Island  began on June 5 and has been scheduled to run for eight weeks, which would mean the last episode could potentially air in just over three weeks on Monday, July 31.

Other outlets have theorised the final could be on Monday, July 30, but Love Island’s partner show Aftersun always airs on Sundays. So, the live final is more likely to be on the Monday. Or, if not, definitely some time in the first week of August.

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