Never Have I Ever filming locations

All of the Never Have I Ever season four filming locations you can actually visit IRL

I’m moving in to Devi’s house

Never Have I Ever is back for its fourth and final season (sob) and, although we’re in mourning that one of the best shows on Netflix is coming to an end, we’re seriously wowing at the locations from this season. Like, Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley is really popping off.

So, in case you’re curious about which Never Have I Ever season four locations you could actually visit on a dream holiday, then here are all the details of where the show was filmed, with photos which will just make you want to cry even more. You’re welcome!

So, where was Never Have I ever actually filmed?

Never Have I Ever filming locations

Even though the series is based on Mindy Kaling’s own childhood in and around Boston, Devi’s fictional high school, Sherman Oaks High, is based in the San Fernando Valley in LA. The Town of Sherman Oaks is real but the high school is just a set, sadly.

A lot of Never Have I Ever was filmed at the Universal Studios Lot in Universal City, California, which (even though they’re built for purpose stage sets) is actually in the San Fernando Valley, coincidentally. And you can visit the studios on a tour multiple times each day.

Within the Lot, Never Have I Ever scenes were filmed on Universal Studio’s Colonial Street, which is a back lot. And on Elm Street, which is basically just beneath it and often used for production. Both look exactly like suburban America. So, you’d have no idea it’s not a normal street.

Where is Devi’s house from Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever filming locations

Devi’s house is also positioned within the Universal Studios Lot, where another seriously popular show – Desperate Housewives – was also filmed. Devi’s house, with its winding stone path and yellow exterior was originally Susan’s house on Desperate Housewives. So, two icons have lived there but in  different fictional universes.

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