Get ready, the viral Lidl merch is back in stores from next week and it’s actually a slay

Trainers are already being flogged on eBay from Europe for £170

We all remember when Lidl merch went viral two years ago. There were 8AM queues outside stores to cop the trainers. One pair was being sold every two seconds. Bundles of Lidl clothes were flogged on eBay for £3,100. It was certified merch chaos. And now Lidl’s stash is hitting UK stores for a second round.

Yup, from 23 March the Lidl x Lidl collection will be released in certain locations across the country. And the design options have actually had a serious glow up. Like, you’d happily wear the black T-shirt on a night out. And tbh, when it costs between £1.99 and £14.99 this is way more thrifty retail therapy than our never-ending ASOS addiction.

So, let’s take a closer look at the best of the new designs set to cause a stampede the second they’re in the shops:

Graphic tees – £4.99

Lidl trainers

The design of these are so vibey. You’d definitely pay at least £30 for it in Urban Outfitters. And comes in black, white or blue so you don’t even have to commit to one aesthetic.

Sports socks – £1.99

Lidl trainers

Just imagine the cheer down the pub after you whip up your jeans and reveal the Lidl logo on your sock. Icon status setting. An immediate conversation starter with strangers. Could score you a date?

Sliders – £4.99

Lidl trainers

Ironically, sliders are exactly what you need when you’re popping to the shops. So, at some point you may well wind up in Lidl wearing your Lidl sliders in an act that’s so meta it’s definitely chic.

Trainers – £14.99

Lidl trainers

And finally we come to the shoes that caused traffic stand stills and shopper fury at missing out. The iconic Lidl trainers have had a new design and are slightly less loud. But still have the classic red, yellow and blue details on there, too.

Will they go as viral as the original pair? Only time will tell. But after the new Lidl collection launched in Europe earlier this year, buyers from Croatia are already selling pairs of the new trainers on eBay for almost £170. Here we go again.

Lidl trainers

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