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Boujee dinners and long haul holidays: Inside Lochan’s posh boy life before Love Island

Him and Whitney are the only reason I’m still watching this season

Right now, Lochan is the unproblematic king of the villa. Despite Tyrique and Ella getting salty and calling him and Whitney smug— their relationship is absolutely radiating chilled out and hilarious vibes. They’re so unbothered its iconic. If they don’t win the whole show at the end of this month, a producer will pay.

And, although our girl Whitney is undeniably the main character of Love Island 2023, it’s about time we learnt a little more about the man making her belly laugh on the daily. So, in case you’re curious about who Lochan Nowacki is, where he came from, and what his vibe is, here’s everything you need to know:

He’s 25 and grew up in Maidenhead, Berkshire

Nearly as soon as Lochan entered the villa he made sure to tell Whitney he was “born and raised in Maidenhead”. So, clearly, his Berkshire roots are important to him. He went to Furze Platt Senior School, which isn’t a private school but is an academy and splits all its pupils into houses. And Lochan has posted Instagrams attending Henley Royal Regatta 20 minutes down the road. So, it was clearly a pretty leafy upbringing.

He’s super close with his family and his mum looks iconic

Not much is known about Lochan’s parents but it’s obvious he has a really good relationship with his mum and dad. He’s posted so many pictures on his Insta of nights out, cocktails, gym sessions, hikes and holidays with his mum. You can already tell she’s a total icon and is going to love Whitney. Can I join this family, please?

He never went through an ugly teenage stage and used to work at Hollister

Like all good hot people in their younger years [this guys is BEAUTIFUL], Lochan used to work as a Brand Rep for Hollister. “The role has taught me many business and marketing skills such as excellent time management and organisational skills,” he claimed on his LinkedIn. Plus, the cologne discount can’t have hurt.

He went to Birmingham City uni and got a first in business and marketing

Whitney is a business owner so, obv, she needs a man who can keep up with her in a power couple way. Luckily. Lochan has a first class degree in business and marketing from Birmingham City Uni, so their empire can definitely get building. He also played second team football while he studied, which is hot. Yay.

He’s big into cooking and hosts boujee dinner parties

Early on into them cracking on, Lochan told Whitney he was a “self proclaimed chef” and I’m happy to report he follows way way more foodies on Instagram than he does models and influencers, which is RARE. So, it seems like he’s not chatting shit when he says it’s into food. And the only photo of a dinner party on his Insta also features a jeroboam of champagne. He clearly knows how to have a good time.

He was an account manager at a communications company before Love Island

According to his LinkedIn, Lochan is an account manager for the comms company Investis Digital. He’s been there just over two years. So, he’s clearly not a commitment-phobe. Plus he got promoted in January, which is always a good sign. “I thrive off producing work to the highest standard,” he wrote on his profile. “[I’m] a passionate individual who likes to immerse myself in challenges and overcome them…with a ‘Can do attitude.'”

Pop off.

He’s been on holiday to some seriously spenny destinations

Dubai, Dominican Republic, Barcelona— you name it, Lochan has been there. He also had a boys leavers trip to Ayia Napa, which (let’s be honest) feels like a huge part of British culture at this point.

He doesn’t turn his nose up at a rave

Despite being a bit of a city boy, hosting dinners parties, and jetting off on long-haul holidays, Lochan likes to rave, too. He follows Nia Archives on Insta and has been tagged in photos at Warehouse Project and on party holidays in Amsterdam. “I’m quite a fun person, I like to let loose,” he said before entering the villa. “I don’t really care so much what other people think about me as long as I’m enjoying myself, being respectful. I would describe myself as a happy person. Energetic, friendly, easy going and personable.” Love, love, love.

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