Ok, who actually was the mole in The Night Agent?

Is anyone else confused?

Netflix’s adaptation of the Matthew Quirk book The Night Agent has topped Netflix charts after we all got hooked on the show’s conspiracy theories and drama. Pete Sutherland thought his “night action” shift watching phones in the basement of the White House was going to be boring but, when one of the phones rang, the call dragged Peter into a world of metro bombing, double agents and political spies— arguably, not what you want from an easy shift.

As season one of The Night Agent has come to an end, everyone’s still wondering who the double agent at the top of the American government actually was. So, in case you’re still confused about who “the one in the White House who can’t be trusted” is, here’s everything you need to know. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Ok, so, who actually was the mole in The Night Agent Whitehouse?

who is the mole The Night Agent

Credit: Netflix

In the early episodes of The Night Agent, Pete was suspicious of the White House’s chief of staff Diane Farr after she asked him about one of his friends, even though he’d never mentioned them to her. Could be social security stalking or social media stalking— who can tell?

The Night Agent who was the mole

Credit: Netflix

However, as the series continued, it became clear that Vice President Redfield was the mole behind the metro bombing, intended to kill the People’s Independent Front leader Omar Zadar. Diane wasn’t totally innocent, as she’d also been a co-conspirator in the crime. But the chief of staff did eventually double-cross the mole and help stop Redfield before he completed his mission to kill Omar Zadar. Stay posted for season two.

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