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Cally Jane Beech Love Island deep fakes

Love Island’s Cally Jane Beech ‘shaken’ over ‘scary’ deepfake nude photos of her online

‘First thing I did was panic’

Love Island contestant Cally Jane Beech has described her fear and anger after discovering nude deep fake images of her had been created and posted online. The 32-year-old reality star, who appeared on the first ever series of Love Island, took to Instagram to detail the ordeal and raise awareness to others:

“I was sent this last night and instantly had to speak on it and raise awareness because this day and age is scary what AI can do,” she said. “Be mindful that what you see on the internet or someone may send you is not real and can be very soul destroying or affect someone hugely.”

Posting the video from her bedroom, Cally continued: “It’s actually quite scary when I think about it.I was sent a picture from someone that said, ‘this is a nude picture of you’, and I said that’s impossible because I’ve never sent a nude picture or posted any nude pictures anywhere.

“It was what looked like to be me my face, my body, but an AI version of boobs and private parts. First thing I did was panic…I was so shook last night, I wanted to cry, the next minute me and (her partner) DJ were laughing, but I knew it was so serious.”

Cally’s post comes after new legislation coming into force yesterday which will see those who post sexual deepfake images, cyberflash strangers, or upload revenge porn prosecuted and potentially jailed for the first time, according to the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS].

The Love Island star isn’t the first celebrity to have distressing deep fake images of her shared online. Most recently, pornographic deepfake photos of Taylor Swift were increasingly being shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Although the imagery may be fake, the harm to the victims from the distribution of sexually-explicit ‘deepfakes’ is very real,” Dick Durbin, the US Senate majority whip, said in a press release. “Nobody – neither celebrities nor ordinary Americans – should ever have to find themselves featured in AI pornography,” Republican Josh Hawley added.

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