Jess and Sammy Love Island votes percentage

We asked people who voted for Jess and Sammy to win Love Island: Why?

This could be the most shocking result in Love Island history

Uproar broke out when Sammy and Jess were crowned winners of Love Island 2023. Not long ago on the show, Sammy claimed he wasn’t even attracted to Jess: “I was Jess’ type, she wasn’t mine,” he said. Subsequently, they were voted as least compatible by their fellow Islanders. Yet, somehow, by the skin of their teeth, they scooped a shock victory—with only 34.57 per cent of the public vote.

“I’m not even being dramatic when i say jess and sammy are the worst winners in love island history,” one person reacted to the result. “No way Jess and Sammy won. HE CALLED HER UGLY AND MUGGED HER OFF FOR EVERY BOMBSHELL,” added another. 

“Jess and Sammy winning Love Island is a reflection of this country’s long history of misogynoir, issues stemming from racism, and it’s continuous addiction to toxic love that centres a man who just doesn’t really love his woman that much. England STILL WALLOWS…,” accused another. 

So, in light of the reaction to the most controversial Love Island victory of all time, we asked people who voted for Jess and Sammy to win, simply: Why? Let’s dive in:

‘I just love the dynamic between them’ – Amy, Nottingham

“Basically, I know it took Sammy a long while to realise what a gem he had in Jess, but I just love the dynamic between them. They’re always laughing and smiling. Talking about random stuff. They brighten up each others day. When they’re together they’re always smiling. Life is too short and you never know what might happen tomorrow, so it’s paramount to be with someone you can joke around and smile with. And that’s what I love about Jess and Sammy.”

‘I really believe Sammy adores her’ – Jayne, Wales

“Jess is just a sweetheart and I really believe Sammy adores her he just didn’t want too because she didn’t fit the type he thought he wanted, they kept coming back to each other and that shows there’s something there they can’t control xx”

‘I want to cause drama and vote for the underdog’ – Hayley, London

“I’ve gotten bored of the Love Island final now it’s season 10 – every year they do the same thing. They do cute roundups of the couples’ highlights, declarations of love and the same pointless ball and spa trips over and over again. If the only power I have to cause a bit of drama is to vote for an underdog – that’s something I’m going to do. I actually do like Jess and Sammy, but the main reason I voted for them was for a bit of chaos.”

‘Jess would have won standing next to a cardboard box’ – Rae, Kent

“Jess would have won even if she’d been standing next to a cardboard box. Throughout the entire 8 weeks we all witnessed a lovely, kind hearted girl, stay true to herself. A genuinely nice person who wasn’t playing a game. Sammy is punching, seriously punching. She is a cracker. I hope she get’s herself a great agent and lands a good role on TV. Move over Holly!!! Did you see Ty’s face? You’ve gotta love live TV!”

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