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Meet Temps: TikTok’s 32-year-old ‘Shirtless Chef’ who’s causing drama on Made in Chelsea

His friendship with Miles is INTENSE

As is the way with almost every new season, Made in Chelsea: Corsica has been packed full of drama for almost every cast member. But unexpectedly, it’s the friendship between Miles and Temps that’s been hitting the rocks lately – over Temps getting back with Imogen. Why does Miles care so much? Still unclear. But he’s defs not happy with the re-coupling.

There’ve been he-said-she-said rumours relayed over drinks, spats at breakfast, and full out arguments between the besties at their villa in the first two episodes. So, in case you’re curious about Temps as his friendship with Miles erupts, here’s everything you need to know:

He’s TikTok famous

Temps has close to 600k followers on TikTok and is known as the Shirtless Chef after he rubbed olive oil all over his six-pack while cooking bruschetta on ITV back in 2018. Normal. He starts off a lot of his videos by yelling “Shirtless Chef Boiii” and now pretty much exclusively focuses on gym videos and healthy food recipes which will make you question your protein intake and muscle mass.


Do you still need me to tell you what I say at the start of my videos? “Shirtless Chef Boiii” #TheShirtlessChef #BTS #ContentCreator #FoodTok #LITness

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

He calls his diet ‘litness’

Temps has basically developed his own fitness programme, which he calls “litness”. Essentially, instead of HIIT (high interval intensity training) he encourages his followers to use LIIT (longer interval intensity training) where you can eat bigger and less restrictive meals but have to workout harder, too.

He explained: “I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be all chicken and broccoli and you can have lenience with your diet and lifestyle but, you need to play hard and work harder. I want to promote a program that isn’t restrictive, allows you to live your life and gets you feeling good as well as looking good.”

This isn’t Temps first go at a reality TV career. Last year, he appeared in the Discovery+ show Written in the Stars were 12 strangers were matched into couples by the world’s top astrologers based on their birth charts. Temps is a Cancer (nurturing, protective, committed) and was matched with a girl called Kelly who, judging from their lack of posts together on Instagram, didn’t turn out to be his soul mate after all.

He quit his corporate job to become an influencer

Before becoming an internet and reality TV star, Temps went to Portsmouth Uni. “I studied international business and marketing and got a first-class degree and went down the route that I thought I was supposed to. Finish university, go and get a graduate scheme and then work for the rest of my life,” he said.

But after working three years full-time and taking a year off to travel, Temps realised the corporate world wasn’t for him and sacked it all off to get fully into Instagram and, eventually start his fitness business.

He is (or was) best mates with Miles

It’s no surprise really that Temps has eventually wound up on Made in Chelsea because he’s essentially been joined at the hip with Miles for a couple of years now. “‘It’s official my best mate is on @e4chelsea,” Miles said when the announcement about Temps joining the cast was made. “Watch him and I get up to no good at 9pm.”

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