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Here’s what actually went down between Russell Brand and The Geldofs

There’s been ongoing drama

A string of allegations were made against Russell Brand this weekend. Claims of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse by four women during a period from 2006 to 2013— the height of his career as a comedian and TV presenter. He categorically denies everything.

And, after Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary aired about Russell on Saturday night, the Twitter timeline noticed there was one man who’d seemingly always had a noticeable disdain for Russell: Bob Geldof. So, in case you’re curious, here’s exactly what went down between Russell and the musician-turned-activist— and two of his daughters.

Bob calls Russell a c***t on stage at the NME awards in 2006

Back in 2006 when Bob was awarded the Hero of the Year award at the NME awards, Russell introduced him as “Sir Bobby Gandalf” instead of his actual name. When Bob took to the stage, he told the audience: “Russell Brand, what a c***”, to which Russell then replied:

“Bob Geldof there, obviously an amazing man to whom we have a lot to be grateful – not him calling me a c*** of course. Really it was “no surprise [Geldof]’s such an expert on famine. He has, after all, been dining out on (his hit song) ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ for 30 years.”

Russell was rumoured to have dated Bob’s daughter Peaches in the early 2000s

In the early 2000s, Russell was rumoured to have dated Bob’s daughter Peaches – but neither of them ever confirmed the relationship. In 2006 – when Peaches was a teenager – The Daily Mail published Peaches had “flirted with him at a party, but no more than that.”

When Peaches died of a heroine overdose in 2014, Russell made a video on his YouTube channel saying: “It’s too sad that Peaches Geldof has died. . .  It’s a person that I sort of knew a little.”

Fifi Geldof calls Russell an ‘uber-douche extraordinaire’ after Peaches death

A year after Peaches death, Russell was speaking at a drug and alcohol addiction charity fundraiser. “From what I’ve experienced, a lot of people here tonight are on drugs right now,” he told attendees who were raising money for substance addiction treatment. “It was like an avalanche on the back of my toilet.”

After Russell’s speech, Peaches sister Fifi (who generally stays out of the public eye) told The Daily Mail she was “less of a Russell Brand fan than ever” because of his “offensive” and “highly inappropriate speech” and called him an “unfunny b******” and an “uber-douche extraordinaire”.

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