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An ode to Whitney Adebayo: Love Island’s funniest contestant in years

Give her the prize money right now

Whoever is the casting director for Love Island 2023 deserves a raise and a round of applause because iconic day three bombshell Whitney Adebayo is, without a single semblance of a doubt, the funniest contestant the show has seen since Maura Higgins in 2019.

Often, when a Love Island moment is hilarious, it comes at the expense of a woman who’s been disrespected: Maura kicking off at Tom over the “all mouth” comment four years ago,  Andrew coming clean and admitting he sucked Coco’s tit (“or whatever”) to Tasha in 2022— But Whitney is legitimately hold-your-stitch-laughing hysterical, without being a useless man.

Really and truly, she makes everyone laugh because she reacts like all of us watching on the sofa at home, despite the cameras being turned in her direction. This woman is so unserious she seems to have legitimately found love through laughter with Lochan, which (let’s be honest) is definitely the best way.

So, we’re going to stick our necks out and say it: Whitney Adebayo is hands down the best 2023 Love Island contestant and all of these ridiculous moments from her first week inside the villa prove it:

When she told Mehdi exactly why it didn’t matter what his favourite ‘type’ of woman was because she was wearing a wig

Her flabbergasted reaction to Zach kissing Molly when he should have been kissing Catherine

Whitney Love Island

When she laughed at all of the other couples for getting deep in their feelings too soon

When she couldn’t contain how hot she thought the new girls were when they arrived and everyone got scared


When she made it clear she wasn’t making any man a morning coffee


When Lochan matched her energy and they started to cackle laugh together



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