Brits after parties

Awkward exes and humungous hangovers: Inside the wild Brits 2024 after parties

Raye danced with her shoes off until 5AM

The Brit Awards are notoriously the UK’s biggest night out in music. And 2024 was no different as everyone from pop royalty like Kylie Minogue and Dua Lipa to well-seasoned Love Islanders stepped out to party after the Brits ceremony wrapped up on Saturday night.

So in case you’re wondering what the hell happened after ITV stopped their camera rolling at 10.50pm, here’s a look inside all the biggest Brit Awards after parties – from Warner Music’s “Party Monsters” bash at NoMad hotel to Charli XCX’s after (after) party in her room:

Dua Lipa was drunk before she arrived at the afters at NoMad Hotel

Brits after party

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Dua Lipa has been vocal about all the hard work she put into her Brit Awards performance. Like, have you ever seen so many dancers suspended upside down in the air? And it was clear as soon as Dua was off the stage she was ready to party.

“Do I look alright or do I look drunk? Do I look alright? Or, do I look drunk?!” she demanded of her entourage before posing with her Brit award for best Pop Act backstage. Girl, you look great – but maybe a tiiiiiny little bit bleary eyed.

Dua then befriended Kylie Minogue for the rest of the night – who was serving magnums of wine

Brits after party

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When Dua rocked up to Warner’s NoMad hotel party where celebs parties in the Common Decency club basement all night long, the event was hosted by none other than Kylie Minogue – who was said to be serving magnums of her own wine until the early hours.

According to reports, as well as hanging out with Kylie, Dua spent most of the evening with her vibey sister Rina and, of course, her new boyfriend and actor Callum Turner.

Love Island exes Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde faced each other at Bacardi’s after party

Elsewhere at the Bacardi Rum x Move Good after party, love wasn’t so much in the air as being trampled underfoot. Amongst attendees were Love Island exes Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas who revealed they’d split after six months together.

They don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore but they’re definitely following each other around the influencer events circuit. Awkward.

Raye was dancing barefoot at Chiltern Firehouse until 5AM

Brits after party

Credit: James Veysey/Shutterstock

As you might expect of a woman who’s just made history for the most Brit awards one in a single evening, Raye was having a very, very, good time post the awards ceremony. First she was seen living it up at the afters at Decimo at The Standard before walking to her taxi in a pair of slippers and finishing the night off at Chiltern Firehouse where she danced barefoot until 5AM. Good for her x 

And, of course, Charli XCX hosted a massive afters at her hotel suite

If there’s one thing we know about Charli XCX, it’s that she knows what she’s doing after the after party. And Saturday night was no different when Charli invited everyone who still had any energy left in them to her hotel suite to keep things going until the early hours. Her stamina? Unrivalled.

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