Barbie AI how to

Omg, you can turn yourself into a Barbie doll with this scarily accurate AI

I’ve never looked better

It’s no secret: As a planet, we all love Barbie. We played with the dolls, followed the press tour, wore pink outfits and – after witnessing Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Land universe – wished we could live inside the film itself. Get me out of this hellscape! I want my own Dreamhouse.

Well, god bless, now a website ( has been set up using artificial intelligence to actually turn you into a Barbie doll using a photo of your face. Honestly, they’re scarily accurate. I’m pretty afraid of my Barbie – she looks like that girl. She’s more accomplished than me.

So, in case you’re curious about what you’d look like if you were mass produced by Mattel, here’s how to us the Barbie AI technology.

Right, how do I turn myself into a Barbie doll using AI?

Barbie AI how to

To get started on your cold hard plastic journey, head to There you’ll basically just be asked to add in some details about yourself (name, gender race, etc) and to upload a photo, which is straight on with no obstructions, for the AI to make your doll. It’s sort of like ordering a new passport – but with much more fun results.

Barbie AI how to

After you’ve uploaded your photo and the rest of your details, click the “Make my BaiRBE” button and your BarbieLand alter ego will start to generate. Sometimes the website can be slow here but don’t refresh the page.

Barbie AI how to

After your Barbie has been created – and you’ve taken a second to marvel at the truly terrifying power of technology – you can then select different scenarios for your AI Barbie to be placed into: Business Barbie, surfer Barbie, cowgirl Barbie, etc.

The whole thing is free, unless you want the photo without the watermark or to be placed in a premium Barbie Land setting. So, if you’re happy with your job being just beach, you won’t have to pay anything. Happy Barbification x

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