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Zoella clothes 2000s British girl style disasters

You’re not a British girl unless you had all of these style disasters in the 2000s

5. Jeggings

When you think about the return of 2000s fashion, you’re probably envisioning Von Dutch caps, Juicy Couture trackies, skinny scarves and lace-up jeans. But there was a much more British and baffling realm of that decade, which coincided with the YouTube clothes hauls of UK content creator royalty like Zoella and Tanya Burr.

Yup. Looking back, we were influenced into some seriously questionable wardrobe choices. And if you fell victim to these carefully selected top ten style disasters then you’re definitely a British girl:

1. Wearing business casual to the club

Zoella clothes

Credit: Zoella

Excuse me but why did we all think we were going to pull at the U18s night at Liquid and Envy in a blazer, blouse, bodycon skirt and fishtail braid? We were on the dance floor looking like we were about to go into The Apprentice boardroom.

2. Thinking disco pants made you the height of cool

Zoella trousers

Credit: Pinterest

Zoella had us all BEGGING our mums to take us in American Apparel and scoop up a pair of horrendously metallic high waisted disco pants. Bonus points if tucked into a slogan top or striped T-shirt. We actually thought this was indie sleaze. Help.

3. Actually owning one of these Paul’s Boutique jackets

Zoella jacket

You’re tacky and I hate you but I will never ever forget you.

4. Pairing absolutely everything with a chunky belt

Zoella belt

Credit: Fleur De Force

You weren’t going anywhere unless you were cinched.

5. Worshipping at the alter of jeggings

Zoella jeans

These were arguably the late 200s biggest phenomenon. No zip. No buttons. No denim. “It’s like leaving the house in your pyjamas!!!” the tabloids screamed. Well, no. Because pyjamas would have probably actually looked better. A monstrosity of the decade.

6. Not being able to leave the house without a statement necklace

tanya Burr jumper

Credit: Tanya Burr/ YouTube

These could also be attached to your jumper if you wanted to be ingenious about it.

7. Buying anything with a Peter Pan collar

zoella top

Zoella is wholly and utterly to blame for this one.

8.Waltzing into sixth form in that khaki coat

Zoella jacket

Credit: Depop

All the girlies thought they were starting an Oasis tribute act, apparently.

9. Taking the matter straight to HR in your peplum top

Zoella top

Credit: Depop

Peplum top, disco pants, and a statement necklace was basically the most elite outfit you could whack on circa 2011. And that is, truly, deeply depressing. Want to know the worst part? The pep is coming back. I repeat, the pep is coming back.

10. The car crash combination of oversized cardigans and mini shorts

Credit: eBay

It looked like all we had on was a fuck tone of knitwear and a pair of patterned tights. Truly the coldest of winters.

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