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Enough is enough, the abuse Made In Chelsea’s Yas Zweegers is getting has gone too far

Let the girl snog who she wants

Channel 4 had only just released the trailer for Made In Chelsea: Corsica when the hate towards Yas Zweegers started. Within hours the channel made the decision to pull the content from the internet to protect her. But now the season is in full swing of airing and the trolling towards the 24-year-old for kissing Tristan Phipps and Sam Prince has reached new heights:

“Yas is such a pick me bi**h,” wrote one person on Twitter. “I feel like Yas is one of those girls who would have no issue in ruining someone’s relationship, then dropping the guy five minutes later,” accused another. “’I’m sorry what the f**k Yas with Tristan and Sam Price,” wrote a third. “What about girl code?”

Firstly, girl code is (sorry) bullshit. Yas wasn’t friends with Liv before Corsica and had no loyalties towards her. She was just on holiday and getting with a guy she fancies— that’s not a crime and certainly not one that deserves this aggressive level of nightly online abuse.

Secondly, the backlash towards Yas demonstrates a troubling double standard. Just like when the news Ariana Grande was dating the recently separated Ethan Slater broke, the blame has fallen on the woman— when really it should have remained with the coupled up man. Or, in this case, recently single men.

Tristan was the one who promised Liv he wouldn’t get with any of the cast until their break up had gone through a cooling off period. Sam Prince is the one who broke up with his girlfriend then got with another girl under the same roof with little to no concern about how awkward the repercussions would be. Responsibility is at least partially theirs – yet the level of backlash is so unevenly weighted because, as usual, we “expect better” of women. It’s warped.

“There’s going to be a lot of opinions about me but with time it’ll be someone else’s actions,” Yas bravely told The Tab of the hate towards her. “It’s a circle of life in the whole cast. Everyone gets their turn. My turn was Corsica…I couldn’t run away. You know what you signed yourself up for. I’m going to see it through.”

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