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Love Island All Stars how do they know each other

All the drama that went down between the Love Island: All Stars cast BEFORE the 2024 villa

They’ve got a whole lot of history

Unless you’ve got an encyclopaedic knowledge of Love Island trivia from 2015-2024, then keeping up with who’s dated, feuded and fallen for who among the Love Island: All Stars cast before entering the 2024 villa can feel impossible.

But don’t be fooled by contestant’s attempt at neutrality, there are long-term exes, short term flings, rumours of rekindled love and best friend allegiances all bubbling below the surface on Love Island: All Stars right now. So, in case you need a reminder, here’s a map of all the drama that went down between contestants before they touched down in South Africa for this season:

Liberty and Jake

Jake Cornish quits 'Love Island' after being coupled up with Liberty | Radio Times

Jake and Liberty coupled up on the first day of Love Island 2021 and it looked like they were going to be the villa’s long-term go-all-the-way couple. They became official before Casa Amor but after Movie Night, Liberty wasn’t impressed with the way Jake had been egging all the boys on to cheat. There were other red flags too, Jake put Liberty down a lot, made her feel insecure, and when she told the girls in the villa he’d claimed to love her— they all looked absolutely horrified.

They broke up the day before the Love Island final and the whole nation wanted to give Liberty a hug as ripped her mic off and burst into tears outside the villa. They did the final as friends but Jake swerved the reunion episode. So, it wasn’t too much of a shock when he packed his All Stars suitcase to head back to the UK hours after being coupled up with Liberty again. He’d had enough of the saga.

Georgia and Toby

ITV viewers 'work out' Toby and Georgia's Love Island All Stars gameplan saying 'they clearly planned this months ago' | The Sun

As recently as last November, Toby and Georgia were actually getting with her on the Peacock spin off show, Love Island Games. They coupled up, were flirting and kissing non-stop and – on day nine of the show – got dumped from the programme together. “I came out with a beautiful girl, and that was always the goal, so Love Island part two worked!” Toby claimed.

Ahead of Love Island: All Stars, Georgia said: “I liked that I coupled up with Toby [on Love Island Games]. We were in there for four days, so we didn’t really get to progress anything. I thought he was a really nice boy, like we really got on. We kissed once, but we didn’t really have time.” So, God bless the producers for giving them another six weeks?

Georgia and Luis

Ahead of Love Island: All Stars, Georgia said: “I liked that I coupled up with Toby [on Love Island Games]. We were in there for four days, so we didn’t really get to progress anything. I thought he was a really nice boy, like we really got on. We kissed once, but we didn’t really have time.” So, God bless the producers for giving them another six weeks?

Georgia and Luis

Since Luis was announced as part of the Love Island: All Stars cast, the mothers of his two children have had something to say about him swanning off to South Africa. Using Instagram stories to throw shade, one of his former partners, Cally Jane Beech, shared a confused emoji and a Pinocchio emoji as soon as Luis was named as an Islander.

“Took Luis back when he cheated on me while I was having his baby with the hopes of saving my family,” she has previously said of their relationship. “Problem is it takes two to make one, I do everything for that lil girl. Everyone who knows me knows!”

And who is one of Cally’s best friends? Georgia Steel.

Molly and Callum

Love Island: All Stars viewers call Molly and Callum split 'fake'

Molly and Callum had been in a relationship for three years since they coupled up on Love Island season six but “broke up” six months ago. Now they’re both back in the villa for Love Island: All Stars and fans suspect their split was fake.

“Wait wait Molly and Callum broke up six months ago and are both suddenly back on the show??? Wait til y’all find out the show begged them to pretend to break up so they can rekindle on the show,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“I don’t care what anyone says. Molly and Callum have split up purposely to go in for this reason. Been together three years and conveniently split six months before All Stars airs they’re getting paid the big bucks,” claimed another.

Georgia and Josh

Love Island fans all issue same complaint as they brand All Star series 'ripoff' of rival | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

Another ex-couple to be thrown into the villa for All Stars is Georgia and new arrival Josh, who have known each other for almost ten years. “From the moment we first met, we always had a flirtation, we kissed the first time we met, we would always get together when we were on nights out,” Georgia said of their past.

Georgia and Josh got together in 2022, and shared pictures together in March that year. They even pretended they were expecting during their relationship. In a picture of the two of them where Georgia was holding her belly, she captioned the post: “Can’t believe we have managed keep it a secret for this long at least the cat is out the bag. To new beginnings.”

Georgia said they were “dating for a little bit” and described the relationship as “going in a good direction”. She then explained it all came to an end after an argument on holiday in Ibiza. She said “we had a really big argument in Ibiza over a club table” and added she thought when they were together it was just “not the right time” for them. She then blocked Josh on socials after he “bumped her off” her own VIP table at a nightclub.

But all seems to be forgiven and forgotten now. So, a reunion could be episodes away.

Toby and Arabella

Love Island All Stars: What happened between Arabella Chi and Toby Aromolaran - OK! Magazine

Obviously, because we can’t move for exes on Love Island: All Stars, the production team sent in another former flame for Toby to flirt with: Arabella Chi. But viewers immediately had questions about the timeline of them seeing each other because it appeared to cross over with when he was still with his former girlfriend and Islander Chloe Burrows.

Chloe and Toby were together for just over a year before they ended things in 2022. However, Arabella said her “history” with Toby dated back to “a year and a half ago” – aka the summer of 2022 when Chloe and Toby were still together. So, either she’s got her dates muddled or something suspicious is going on here.

Kaz and Tyler

Love Island: All Stars brings in one Islander's ex as new bombshell

And for the final (please, dear God) ex-couple in the villa at the moment, we have Kaz and Tyler. Notoriously one of the most fiery pairings of the season seven cast we saw them stray in Casa Amor only for flirty winks to bring them together again. It was wild.

They split up three months after leaving the villa and Kaz later posted a pretty sad and lengthy YouTube video where she explained they’d broken up because Tyler didn’t appreciate her. But it still feels like theirs vibes between them in South Africa.

Georgia, Tom and…Arabella?

A flirty first date for Georgia S and Tom | Love Island All Stars - YouTube

Surprise, surprise. When Tom walked in the Love Island: All Stars villa there was shock and joy from Georgia Steel who is said to have “secretly dated” the professional footballer after his break up from his ex and fellow Islanders Samie. Tbh, though, these timelines also seem hazy because Samie and Tom have been on-and-off-again more times than we can count. Like, literally on holiday together five weeks ago. It’s baffling to watch unfold.

Oh, and he’s also snogged Arabella at some point too, but currently we know next to nothing about their “history”. So, keep watching for that to be revealed.

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