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Fans think Renaissance is Beyoncé’s goodbye tour – here’s the evidence she’s calling it quits

Surely this isn’t the end?!

Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour is racing its way around the world and fans are starting to think the mega three hour show setting endless cities (and TikTok) alight could actually be her farewell to fans.

Beyoncé has been in the music industry since she was nine, when she met LaTavia Roberson at an audition and her dad started brainstorming Destiny’s Child. But, even after 32 years of singing, writing, recording, and touring  – could this really be the end? Don’t panic yet. Let’s take a look at the evidence:

Ok, so what’s actually the evidence that Beyoncé is retiring?

The Renaissance set list starts off really slow

One reason the Beyhive are freaking out Beyoncé is about to retire for good is simply that the first few songs on her Renaissance tour set list are super slow. First we have Dangerously in Love, then Flaws and All, and 1+1. Basically, a handful of ballads from a few separate albums.

“Beyoncé performing her whole damn catalogue… this is a goodbye tour lol,” wrote one person on Twitter, while another even suggested she was crying while performing. “Beyonce holding back tears during Flaws and All,” they wrote. “Bitch this really her farewell tour. My girl is saying goodbye.” 

She’s performing all the bangers from across the years

Another reason fans are panicking Beyoncé is about to quit the industry is, rather than sticking to material from her Renaissance album alone, she’s performing all of her biggest hits from across her multi-decade career. Formation, Love on Top, Naughty Girl— we’re getting a bit of everything.

“Beyoncé reintroducing old songs from previous tours + Renaissance might just be her GOODBYE TOUR???” one fan theorised, regardless. “I don’t wanna manifest it but it scares me considering the damn show is 3 hrs long???” they added of the seriously lengthy run time. “No but why is Beyonce moving like she’s in her final act?” questioned another. 

So, what’s the evidence against Beyoncé retiring soon?

She’s literally just a woman getting older

As is the way it goes in our youth-obsessed society, the fact Beyoncé has reached the ripe old age of 41 is enough to have people hypothesising her into retirement for the sake of her health and wellness.

“I really hate the Beyoncé retiring soon narrative,” pointed out one fan on Twitter. “It actually feels like people projecting their ageism onto her and she’s only 41… like?”

She’s said herself she’s not giving up performing in her 40s

Beyoncé hasn’t done any interviews in the past two years and opts for updating fans in Instagram captions instead. But in her last big chat with Harper’s Bazaar, she’s made it pretty clear she’s not planning on retiring any time soon. Although she might be making more time for herself:

“There’s nothing like the amount of love, passion, and healing that I feel in the recording studio,” she said. “After 31 years, it feels just as exciting as it did when I was nine years old…My wish is for my 40s to be fun and full of freedom,” she added.

“I want to feel the same freedom I feel on stage every day of my life. I want to explore aspects of myself I haven’t had time to discover and to enjoy my husband and my children. I want to travel without working. I want this next decade to be about celebration, joy, and giving and receiving love. I want to give all the love I have to the people who love me back…I want to continue to turn these industries upside down. I plan to create businesses outside of music. I have learned that I have to keep on dreaming.”

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