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20 memes you’ll only relate to if you’re in the deep depths of hay fever hell right now

This summer’s pollen count wants me DEAD

Allergy gang rise up. We’re in the middle of a pollen pandemic. Yup, hay fever season is officially upon us: Sneezing, runny nose, scratchy eyes, scratchy throat, asthma— the list of symptoms you can suffer is literally endless. If surviving the summer were down to natural selection, we’d all be done for. You really have to laugh so you don’t cry. Although, your eyes are already red and leaky like Tracy Beaker’s, anyway.

Tinnies in the park? Forget it. Day festival? Stay inside. We’re literally allergic to grass my friends. Pathetic! But, in case you’re stuck indoors feeling sorry for yourself with a pack of Piriton and a nose full of Beconase, here are 20 tragic hay fever memes you’ll only understand if you’re in the deep depths of allergy hell right now:

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