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Princess Diana and ex-best friends: These are the girl equivalents to the Roman Empire

We love to mull over women scorned

Since the earth-shattering realisation that (almost) all men are thinking about the Roman Empire as part of their daily lives, the girlies have started thinking: “Okay, weird, but what about us? What’s the fun little topic running through our minds all day?”

Obv, TikTok and Twitter have all the answers – both modern and medieval. So, here are the strangest and slayest things we all think about on the reg: From Anastasia Romanov to Paul Mescal’s love life— there’s nowhere the girlies brains won’t go.

Your ex best friend


I literally think about her once a week, if not more. All credit to @Torijjensen #romanempire

♬ original sound – Jade

Easily one of the most common and over-analysed topics is the friendship break up with your former bestie. How is she doing now? Does she miss you? Where did it all go wrong? We’ll explain the whole saga to any stranger who asks. We can’t get them out of our heads.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

As long as we’re talking about Rome, this is the only aspect we’re willing to discuss. Sing to me Paolo. And God bless Hilary Duff.

Princess Diana


#stitch with @emmy #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Lydia DeWeese

Princess Diana comes into our brains in multiple strains: (1) How dare she be so wronged. (2) How can I get that pensive gaze? (3) Does everyone think their mum looks a bit like her? (4) Will we ever find a better mid-season outfit than an oversized jumper and bicycle shorts?

Lots to unpack.

Being murdered


#stitch with @emmy With a splash of did I leave the curling iron on

♬ original sound – Melissa Urban

Less of a fun little side topic and more the survival strategy we’ve clung onto for years: Worrying about whether we’re going to get kidnapped or murdered was (depressingly) a lot of women on TikTok’s answer to the Roman Empire. Men can fantasise about the war— we’re living one.

The Volturi

Mainly, Aro’s laugh in Breaking Dawn. I fear we’ll never recover.

Anastasia Romanov

Honourable mention too to Marie Antoinette, Anne Boleyn and the Salem witch trials. Basically, we’re all thinking about women who’ve been wronged. Plus, a banging soundtrack and a sprinkling of mystery and intrigue? We love it.

Paul Mescal looking at Daisy Edgar Jones while posing with Phoebe Bridgers


#stitch with @emmy #greenscreen #paulmescal #daisyedgarjones #phoebebridgers

♬ original sound – lissygirl!



Never has a right hook been so satisfying. Cinema.

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