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Liv Bentley to Lucy Watson: A considered ranking of Made In Chelsea’s most iconic women

The girls are CARRYING this show

It’s been over a decade of Made In Chelsea. And in the past 12 years we’ve seen enough drink throws, slaps and door slams to give Geordie Shore something to compete with. And most of this award-winning drama has come from the Made In Chelsea women.

Yup. Spencer might have once been the most evil man on E4. Jamie may have meddled more in other people’s lives than should actually be humanly possible. But it’s the girls who are carrying this programme into another decade of chaos. So, here’s a considered ranking of the most iconic Made In Chelsea women of all time:

5. Victoria Baker-Harber

Made In Chelsea

Responsible for Made In Chelsea’s “fat fucking turkey” hall of fame moment, Victoria (along with Marc Francis and – in the early days – Sophie Hermann, if we’re getting real) has given MIC some of its best one liners. But sometimes she did tip too far into the realms of just being mean. Like, I’m pretty sure she straight up bullied Cheska and Binky at times. So, it’s fifth place for VBH.

4. Lucy Watson

Made In Chelsea

Entering the programme like a tornado through SW3, Lucy Watson appeared on Made In Chelsea when it felt like there was a conveyor belt of new cast members through the show every week. But thanks to her ruthless honesty and no nonsense approach to drama (remember when she kicked Phoebe Lettice-Thompson out of her dads pub for being a dick?) she stuck around.

Her trio friendship with Andy and Stevie was adorable and because she didn’t fully fall for the fuck boy charms of Spencer and Jamie, she found love with James Dunmore and they’re still together now. Adorbs.

3.Liv Bentley

Made In Chelsea

This is so obvious it almost doesn’t need iterating. Liv Bentley is one of the best cast members Made In Chelsea has ever had. She’s thrown more drinks in the last five years than any other cast member, will unapologetically hold her co-stars to account but is also a really loyal friend and gave us the romance narratives with Digby and Tristan, too. Plus, she just instigated the biggest bust up in Corsica the show has seen in years. God bless.

2. Maeva D’Ascanio

Made In Chelsea

First, she was Miles’ ex. Brought on the show to cause him drama, accidentally get back with him, yell a bit more and (probably) eventually, be gone. But Maeva had way more MIC mileage than that. She hooked up with James, proposed to him, and had his baby- all while throwing out sharp tongued insults at any cast member who got in her way (lest we forget the time Sam Prince dared to have an opinion on her relationship with Miles’ former best friend).

The best part though, is Maeva gave us a bildungsroman. She became a mother, mellowed slightly, and started showing other cast members just how stupid their petty drama was in comparison to the miracle of life. But she’s still beautifully blunt, always.

1.Millie Mackintosh

Made In Chelsea

Caggie might have been slated as the MIC It girl from season one but true stans know Millie Mackintosh is the blueprint for Chelsea’s hall of fame women. From slapping Spencer sideways for treating Louise like shit, publicly thanking her best friend Rosie for sleeping with her boyfriend, to lobbing a martini straight into Hugo’s face when she found out he’d cheated— she set the bar for chaos and drama and, honestly, the show may not be what it is today without her. Queen of chaos. End of.

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