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Matilda Djerf Avenue drama controversy TikTok

Matilda Djerf drama explained: Why the TikTok girlies are ditching Djerf Avenue

She’s deactivated her personal account

For fashion girlies, Matilda Djerf is God. At 25-years-old, she’s created a multi-million dollar lifestyle empire of effortless basics in a Scandi-girl aesthetic: Her curtain bangs  increased sales in Dyson Airwraps. Her blazer collection made us want to wear business casual to the club. But now the community who placed her brand on a pedestal are calling her out on TikTok and “Matilda Djerf controversy” is trending on the app.

So, what is the Matilda Djerf controversy actually about?


silencing microinfluencers for doing EXACTLY what she did when she started is so backwards. #djerfave #dupes #matildadjerf #greenscreen #fashion

♬ original sound – thejackieaccount

Basically, over the weekend several small TikTok creators have come forwards claiming that Matilda’s brand has copyright-striked their content, after they posted videos of more affordable alternatives / dupes to Djerf Avenue items.

“This is ironic given a lot of her brand is actually dupes of other things that she’s worn in the past made by different brands,” claimed one TikToker. “Things she used to wear in her closet and then she basically re-made it and is selling it underneath her own brand.

“It’s sad to see someone who used to post very frequently about designer dupes that they were wearing is now doing this to other creators,” they continued.

“Her clothes are literally 100 per cent polyester and she has the audacity to talk when people are upset,” another person claimed in the comments. “Babes, Zara has better quality than your €220 coats.”

What has Matilda Djerf actually said about all the drama surrounding her brand?


#greenscreen the way that immediately changed after waking up in my djerf avenue pajamas today #fruitpajamas #amazonalternatives #djerfavenuehaul

♬ original sound – aliya

Since the Djerf Avenue controversy kicked off, Matilda appears to have deactivated her personal TikTok account, although she’s still posting her minimalist pics of bed sheets and lattes to her three million Instagram followers.

On the Djerf Avenue account, the brand posted a statement – with the comment section turned off: “Unfortunately, there has been a recent surge in websites selling products with our design and owned prints/artworks,” they said. “In light of this and to safeguard our prints and the individual print designers – we have na external intellectual property (IP) firm monitoring copyright infringements. 

“However, we release that this has inadvertently impacted individual accounts. We have promptly instructed our IP firm to halt reports from individual accounts and focus on third-party sellers of these items. 

“Instead of reporting the individual accounts, we will reach out to the responsible party behind the accounts when we see suspicious pirate copies and have a dialog with the content creator. 

“Note that the social media platforms themselves still could remove and report videos if it’s in violation with their infringement policies. We are committed to reaching out personally to anyone affected.”

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