Miles Nazaire Dancing on Ice

Omg, Made in Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire is going to be a Dancing on Ice contestant

This is a crossover I didn’t see coming

The British institution that is Dancing on Ice is back again this winter and, honestly, they’re following in Strictly’s Gen-Z casting footsteps and have seriously stepped things up with the contestants for this year. Because, for the first time ever, a Made in Chelsea cast member is joining the show: Miles Nazaire. Yup, you read that right.

“I’ve always loved to dance but it’s usually on a dance floor on a Saturday night, and Dancing on Ice looks so difficult,” Miles said of joining the show after his involvement was announced by ITV.

“I keep thinking about how I’m going to need to have rhythm while balancing on a thin blade and that’s when I feel the nerves kick in,” he added. “But this is such an unbelievable opportunity to get totally out of my comfort zone.”

First Jamie Laing on Strictly Come Dancing, now this. SW3 are literally taking over the air waves and they couldn’t be happier about it:

“THIS IS AMAZING,” celebrated Miles’ Made in Chelsea co-star Emily Blackwell under his announcement Instagram post. “So exciting 😍😍😍 can’t wait,” added Yas Zweegers. “So proud of you brother. You’re going to smash it! Can’t wait to come and watch EVERY week,” said Miles’ best friend Temps.

“He can go for miles but how will Chelsea Charmer Miles Nazaire fare around the rink?” wrote the Dancing on Ice official Instagram post under the post announcing the news. And, honestly— we can’t wait to find out.

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