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Omg, stay calm: Taylor Swift has announced her UK and EU tour dates

Excuse me while I hyperventilate

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour is ALL over TikTok’s For Your Page. And the sequins and sobbing are giving everyone in the UK and EU serious fomo. Like, she’s sold out multiple 70,000 seat US stadiums, with more fans outside without tickets. We all want to get in there and witness the performance for ourselves. But when exactly can we?

Rumours have been circling for a while about exactly when Taylor will announced UK and EU tour dates and, she finally has. I repeat, it’s officially happening. So, in case you’re already going into meltdown, here’s everything we know about Taylor Swift’s UK and EU tour:

So, when is Taylor Swift bring the Eras tour to the UK?

Taylor’s UK and EU Eras Tour is definitely going to be big. In the US, she’s had support from Paramore, beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, girl in red, MUNA, HAIM, GAYLE, Gracie Abrams and OWENN, so there’ll definitely be some equally big acts opening for her when she eventually comes here.

Fans claimed the announcement for dates has been taking a long time because of difficulties securing venues for multiple nights. “She still having trouble booking UK dates cause of the football,” one person wrote. “I know she’s been in talks with having a residency at the o2 but ain’t no way imma allow girly to do that.” 

But on Tuesday, Taylor finally announced four nights at Wembley: June 21, June 22, August 16, and August 17, two nights at BT Murrayfield Stadium, two nights at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium and one night at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. Excuse us while we scream:

You need to pre-register by Thursday to get access the Tay Tay ticket sale, which is once again being hosted by the truly cursed Ticketmaster site. But, if you’re unlucky in the UK fight for tickets, you can always try the EU dates: there’s a full list of Taylor’s full tour here.

How much will ‘Eras Tour’ tickets cost?

Obviously, before Taylor releases these UK tickets, a lot of us need to get our bank accounts in order. Like, payment plans and loans will have to be taken out to secure the best seats. And, although we don’t know exactly how much UK tickets are going to cost to Taylor’s Eras tour yet, we can get a pretty good idea from the US prices.

When tickets for the Eras tour went on sale in the US, tickets cost between $49 and $449, with re-sale prices rising even higher. On StubHub, some were sold for US $22,700 (£19,100) per ticket. Madness.

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