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Joshua Love Island gaslighting

Love Island: All Stars viewers accuse Joshua of ‘gaslighting’ Sophie over Joanna flirting

‘He’s a bit of a manipulator’

Love Island: All Stars viewers have claimed Joshua Ritchie is gaslighting Sophie Piper after he carried on getting to know Joanna Chimonides behind her back.

Joshua had told Joanna he was keen to get to know her in the villa but told Sophie she was his main priority, which was going fine until he was rumbled during the PDA awards show on Sunday.

“After recoupling you said you were going to shut it off with Jo,” Sophie confronted Joshua. To which he replied: “No, I said my energy is with you 100 per cent.” But Sophie came back and clarified: “No, you didn’t. You said you were going to shut it off with Jo.”

Following the disagreement, Love Island: All Stars viewers claimed Joshua was intentionally trying to make Sophie question her version of events:

“Joshua is actually trying to gaslight Sophie,” wrote one person on Twitter/X. “Dunno what is with Josh, seems like he has a nasty streak,” added another. “Think he’s a bit of a manipulator. Well done Sophie for standing up to him!”

According to Women’s Aid, the definition of “gaslighting” is when a partner makes you “doubt your own sanity” and “gaslight you into thinking that you are remembering things wrong or that you are misinterpreting things, later making you believe their version of events is true.”

Many accusations of gaslighting behaviour have been claimed against Love Island contestants in recent years, including Adam Collard in 2018 and Catherine Agbaje last summer – after she became angry at Scott Van Der Sluis’ because he was sad she had re-coupled with bombshell Elom.

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