Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing speaks out after criticism he’s turned Radio 1 into a ‘posh boys club’

He’ll be replacing Jordan North in March

Everyone was shocked when Jordan North announced he was quitting his prime spot on Radio 1 on Friday. But the resignation was even more flabbergasting thanks to the news Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing would be the person to replace him.

Accusations came quickly that being a radio presenter was now less about skill and training and more about being a personality. “Won’t be listening to that anymore then another pointless celebrity on either radio or tv why is there such an obsession with all these talentless made in people,” wrote one person on Twitter. “Why don’t you have people who actually know about music, absolutely ridiculous,” another questioned.

And now Jamie Laing has spoken out for the first time since the significant online backlash, claiming his appointment was turning Radio 1 into nothing more than a “posh boys club”. However, in his statement Jamie didn’t acknowledge any of the fury and instead met the resentment with positivity:

“Guys, firstly I’m beyond excited to be joining the amazing Vick Hope on BBC Radio 1’s drivetime show,” he wrote on Instagram. “Jordan North is a complete pro/legend, he’s left some really big shoes to fill so I’m going to do my absolute best to do him and the show justice, and to be working alongside the insane Vick Hope is amazing.

“I’ve always loved music and radio and grew up a Radio 1 fan,” he continued. “So, to be joining the BBC Radio 1 family officially feels unreal. Lot’s of you may know I’m never happier than when in front of the 1 mic, chatting to people, sharing stories, having fun and to continue that on drive time is going to be wild in the best way.

“I will pour everything I have into making it the best show I possibly can for the listeners who love it so much,” he promised. “Now, let’s go!! Radio 1 baby! Jamie x.”

Backlash started over Jamie’s appointment to the role of Radio 1 presenter due to his privilege: “Jamie Laing has never needed a job in his life and so he can do the thing that the middle class do every day – fill up creative glamorous dream jobs – and be piss average, often undertrained, and tone deaf with entitlement in the process,” one person wrote on Twitter/X. “He’s just one example of why media is increasingly dumb, look at the bigger picture,” he said.

“This is in no offense to Jamie Laing, but the ever-increasing pattern of reality stars getting creative jobs which professionals have trained for years to be good at is quite grim,” added another. “Are talent and dedication wholly irrelevant now?”

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