Right, who are these dancing white dogs? And why are they all over my TikTok FYP?

Their choreography is living in my head rent free

Every now and again, a TikTok star is born. Paul Breach, Olivia O’Neill, one of many endless girls in crop tops. But right now, the clock app’s celebrities of the moment are actually two dancing dogs. Yup, just two puppies merrily body rolling and waving their paws in the air to Ice Spice’s new song In Ha Mood.

So, just in case you’re confused about what the actual hell is going on with your For Your Page right now and why these doggos are everywhere, here’s everything you need to know about the four-legged friends who’ve taken over TikTok:

So, who exactly are the dancing dogs all over my TikTok FYP?

The two white puppies currently dancing their way onto everyone’s For Your Page are actually from the 2008 absolute classic Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

In the film, the main characters Liana and Alexa adopt two puppies, which is when Sparkles and Lily burst onto the screen. But their now famous moves are actually from an outtakes compilation video. So, a super fan must of dug deep for this clip.

Originally, Lily and Sparkles are dancing to Liana and Alexa sing Barbie and the Diamond Castle’s theme song Connected. But TikTok remixed the 15-year-old clip with a very different soundtrack.


hell yeah #barbiedogsdancing #fyp #foryou #barbiemovie

♬ Ac r7sheed – rhy 🎱🍃 🕸️

What song are the TikTok dogs actually dancing to?

Rather than the original Barbie soundtrack, Sparkles and Lily are famous for dancing to Ice Spice’s song In Ha Mood, which was remixed with a sample from Video Killed the Radio Star by user in January.

After the audio went viral and another user accompanied the sound with the clip of everyone’s fav cartoon dogs, users then started over laying the meme video with captions like “me and my bestie in the club after we said we weren’t drinking” and “me omw to annoy my bf for 19262918171932th time today.”

Here are some of the best:


Real #funny#fr#fyp#icespice#westfield#ong#fypシ

♬ Ac r7sheed – rhy 🎱🍃 🕸️


idk what to put here #fypシ #fyp #barbiedogs #slay #queen #sleepover #barbie #period #girlboss

♬ original sound – barbie dogs xxx

How do I learn the Barbie TikTok dogs dance?

Obv, the reason Sparkles and Lily went viral in the first place is because their moves are seriously iconic and, first and foremost, TikTok is an app comprised of silly little dances. So, it was only a matter of time before everyone started learning the Barbie dog dance for themselves. Life imitates art.

Here’s how to try it out for yourself:


they do be killing it tho #fyp #dawgs #justwannaplay

♬ Ac r7sheed – rhy 🎱🍃 🕸️


Barbie dogs #foryoupage #twins

♬ original sound – Theyluv.lux

Featured image via TikTok.

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