All of the most chaotic Golden Globes moments from The White Lotus cast

Inevitably most of these viral clips involve Jennifer Coolidge

Awards ceremonies are sometimes really boring. So, it was a small mercy when the cast and creators of The White Lotus chose to spice up the proceedings at the Golden Globes on Tuesday night. Tears, throwing shade at other actors, too much alcohol and Ariana Grande all unexpectedly came into the comedic chaos.

So, in case you’re wondering what mayhem Jennifer Coolidge and The White Lotus creator Max White caused in the build up and aftermath of their iconic acceptance speeches, here are all of the gorgeously hectic moments from this year’s Golden Globes:

Jennifer Coolidge saying “and the Oscar goes to”

Yup, she (intentionally?) mixed up the awards ceremonies. “Oh, no, no, wait, Golden Globes,” Jen quickly followed up before presenting the award for best supporting actor in a musical, comedy or drama to Abbott Elementary star Tyler James Williams.

The White Lotus creator Mike White being white girl wasted

When The White Lotus was announced the winner of the award for best limited series, Mike White looked a little wobbly when he climbed on the stage: “I was going to give this speech in Italian, but I’m too drunk because there was no food!” he admitted. Twitter quickly began to demand that somebody feed him.

Jennifer revealing who died in The White Lotus season two

When Jennifer won her first ever Golden Globe for her role as Tanya McQuiod in The White Lotus she really said screw anyone that hasn’t watched my show yet and revealed her character (spoiler) dies at the end of season two. “You made me want to live longer,” she gushed to Mark White, before adding “well, I didn’t” and “you did kill me off”.

Mike shaming other celebs for turning The White Lotus down

After getting turned down by numerous stars and execs when pitching The White Lotus in Hollywood, Mark White took the Golden Globes as an opportunity to wave his success in all of his doubter’s faces:  “I know you all passed! You all passed on this show!” he said. “So, yes, it’s very gratifying to have this moment.”

Jennifer Coolidge making Mike White cry

Jen didn’t care that Mike White was intoxicated, she was laying on him the most emotional speech she could.  “You changed my life in a million different ways,” she said. “My neighbors are speaking to me and things like that. I mean it. I was never invited to one party on my hill, and now everyone’s inviting me. I just – you know, it’s to you, Mike White.” He was sobbing hun x

Colin Farrell helping Jennifer not fall on her face

When Jennifer was originally asked to present an award at the Golden Globes she thought the experience would be nothing than “a complete anxiety attack” and tried to turn it down. Principally, she was concerned about walking on the stage: “There’s no way I’m making it from behind the curtain all the way to the podium without breaking my skull,” she admitted on the night. Luckily, Colin Farrell was nearby to save the day:

Ariana Grande getting ‘blamed’ for Jennifer’s comeback

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Jennifer said: “I kind of blame this generation, this new young generation for bringing me back. “I feel like Ariana Grande put me in her video and that changed a lot for me, sort of overnight. I blame her, and I (don’t know) maybe people are just like ‘She’s still alive, whoa, give her a salute’.”

Jen tearing up the blue carpet after winning her award

There is no better bop to signify your victory than Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado. And that’s the exact track Jennifer danced to on the blue carpet at the Golden Globes after party after her big win:


#jennifercoolidge dances it out at a #goldenglobes after party

♬ original sound – Ryan Scott

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