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All of the Love Island cast members’ career ventures that flopped hard

Not everyone can be a Molly-Mae mogul

Everyone expects Love Island contestants to walk away from the show with fame and fortune. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Some Islanders, like sales executive Rachel Finni or paramedic Paige Thorne return to their normal jobs. Many hustle away at the altar of influencing with sponsored posts and Cameo accounts. And others turn into Alan Sugar.

Yup, over the years there’ve been plenty of Love Island businesses that have earned amazing success. And, inevitably, some are so random (or simply so awful) that they leave everyone overwhelmingly confused. So, in case you’re intrigued by the Islanders that didn’t quite become Molly-Mae level moguls, here are all of the biggest Love Island business flops to date:

Olivia Attwood’s luxury clothing brand

After only three months Olivia shut down her clothes brand, ironically named We Are Foolish, in February. Apparently, there were serious issues with the delivery times and after trying to resolve them by moving to a new warehouse, the label folded just two weeks later and started giving everybody refunds. Sad.

Faye Winter’s interior design dream

Back in November 2021 when Faye was about to move in with Teddy, she launched a new Instagram account Faye Home: “It is going to be our home inspo page,” she said. “But not only that it is going to be about helping first time buyers, also first time renters, sellers and hopefully landlords.”

“We’re going to go through the processes together, the do’s and don’ts, and we’re going to have different people in from the professions,” she said.

Well, sadly Faye’s interior design dreams were short lived as she stopped posting in December and rumours about her split from Teddy started to circulate not long afterwards. Kind of want to see her continue on solo, though— even a picture of a removal van would be better on the Insta feed than this wax dog:

Famously, Hugo Hammond was not asked back to teach PE at Blundell’s School after appearing on Love Island and now it appears he’s actually sacked off a career in education altogether. Now, he’s living in Australia working as a fitness ambassador and has grown a mullet to really lean into the stereotype. Stunning.

Danny Bibby’s clothing brand

When Danny Bibby first entered the Love Island villa as a bombshell he said he loved “fashion and getting ready” and it quickly emerged he had his own clothes brand. At the time, this just caused mass confusion. The brand, called KRAM, didn’t have an operating website and the logo was just a back-to-front question mark.

Two years later, the clothes look exactly the same but, still, somehow, KRAM carries on strong. Although, their Instagram posts average about 50 likes.

Ekin Su’s £1million Oh Polly era

After a huge collection launch party and endless hype on social media, Ekin Su’s £1million deal with Oh Polly came to an end after just six months. A source told MailOnline that the partnership, which saw Ekin-Su launch her first ever collection in October, “wasn’t working” and her range “struggled to appeal to Oh Polly’s customer base”.

Essentially, it flopped. Which, tbh, was surprising.

Adam Collard’s healthy recipes

Since leaving the Love Island villa for the second time, Adam Collard has been in his Joe Wicks era and recommending healthy recipes to everyone on YouTube and TikTok. Cooking with Collard as he likes to call it.

But some of the recipes are more than a bit questionable. In one video, Adam makes a pizza with under 400 calories and instead creates a wrap with tomato puree, peppers and bacon on it. It’s needless to say the TikTok comment section wasn’t impressed.


My Healthy Spicy Bacon Pizzas that are under 400 cals and 40g of Protein 💥🤟

♬ original sound – AdamCollard

Curtis Pritchard’s acting career

Curtis Pritchard was so optimistic about his performing arts career that before he went into the Love Island villa he registered a performing arts agency on Companies House called Jay C P Limited. But, after a monumentally horrendous appearance on Hollyoaks, he mostly now does pantos. That’s showbiz, baby.

Jake Cornish’s luxury garden furniture

In July 2022, Jake swapped licking toes for decorating patios and started flogging luxury garden furniture through an Instagram account called TheRattanMan. From the brand’s social media, Jake appears to be running the business with his dad Mark and their last Instagram post (in January) sadly only had 10 likes.

But, tbf, it’s still surviving. Maybe they’ll start selling fire pits?

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