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cursed hinge prompts

If you use any of these responses on your Hinge profile, you deserve to be single forever

‘I’m overly competitive about everything’

Frankly, I’m starting to believe that Hinge was created just to test everybody’s patience. The people you fancy are locked in your “Standouts” (because, sorry, I’m never sending a man a rose) and everyone else has profiles drier than the Sahara. In the words of Gemma Collins: It’s hell in there— it’s horror.

The most scream-inducing element, though, is how frequently the worst Hinge responses come up again, and again, and again: Like chat up line Groundhog Day where none of the outcomes result in romance—just eternal talking stages with men who invariably want to know your favourite colour. Please, put me out of my misery.

Enough is very much enough. It’s starting to feel like Hinge is “designed to be deleted” because the chat on the app makes everyone want to gauge their eyes out. So, without further ado, here are the worst prompt responses of all time— and if you use them, you deserve to be single forever. Sorry!

I’m overly competitive about… everything

This is potentially the biggest Hinge ick going. The type of person to yell “I win!” as the cum. Get a life.

I want someone who…doesn’t take themselves too seriously

Straight to jail. Straight. To. Jail.

I’ll fall for you if…you trip me

Ha. Ha!

This year I really want to…travel more

Give us nothing x

Typical Sunday…having a roast

You and the rest of Britain, Mark.

I geek out on…The Office

So crazy. So wild.

My love language is…sarcasm

Aka, you’re a dick.

Beach or mountains…both

You literally may as well not have answered the question. Delete your account.

I know the best spot in town for…tacos

Ditto for sushi. Being able to read restaurant reviews isn’t a substitute for a personality.

Let’s debate this topic…pineapple on pizza

When will the suffering end.

Give me travel tips for…Asia

The entire continent????

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