Love Island movie night 2023

Tears and yelling: Predicting the carnage about to go down on Love Island’s Movie Night

Tyrique is going to rage

Peace isn’t even close to being restored in the Love Island villa after Casa Amor. Ella is about to boot off over Tyrique flirting with Kady, despite being coupled up with Ouzy. Catherine is screaming at Scott, even though she broke his heart by coming back with Elom. Serious drama.

But Love Island producers are sitting ready to stir the pot more because Movie Night is on its way to share the Casa Amor chaos in high definition. Yup. The best night of the year is in a matter of days and these are our predictions for the “most dramatic” Movie Night ever.

Kady and Zach 

Love Island movie night 2023

Islanders’ reactions are a little harder to predict than last year because all of the couples are so hectic, half of their Casa Amor behaviour is irrelevant now. Obv, Zach has since coupled back up with Molly and all their Casa chats had the energy of an ex showing up on your Ibiza boys’ trip. No passion, just agro. So, Kady will probs be saying ‘you can have him, babe’ before the end of the episode.

Leah and Montel 

Love Island movie night 2023

Montel’s “non-PG” nighttime activities with Tink are definitely going to rile Leah up. This drama started to kick off at the Casa re-coupling when Tinks scoffed at Montel’s decision to stick with Leah but the girlies never really had the time to chat— there were no debriefs with the bombshells this year (sob). So, when faced with the entire truth on a huge flat-screen TV, Leah is definitely going to kick off, say “we’re done” then forgive Montel within 48 hours.

Jess and Mitchel 

Let’s be honest, Jess couldn’t give a shit what Mitch was up to in Casa. It’s Sammy who she’ll have her eye on. And, really, her reactions depend on what the producers want to show her. If it’s clips of Sammy talking to Tyrique wondering whether he should stray from Jess, he might be in the clear. But, more likely, it’ll be close-up shots of him kissing Amber and Gabby within the space of two minutes. In which case, he should run. There will be yelling.

Ella and Tyrique 

Tyrique Ella Love Island

Ah, our favourite toxic duo. As if Tyrique’s ego wasn’t bruised enough at the re-coupling, he now has to watch Ella crack on with Ouzy on a big screen and be embarrassed in front of all his minions. He’s definitely going to pull some 00s rom-com energy moves and cry, look out to the ocean from the terrace, and storm around the villa— I’m thinking Troy Bolton Bet On It vibes.

Ella, meanwhile, is going to get her back up too over Tyrique egging the other boys on to cheat and hit flirting with Amber, which (obv) all revolved around football.

Catherine and Scott 

Love Island movie night 2023

This one is going to be tough to watch. Partly, because I feel so sorry for Scott and mostly because I never want to see Catherine and Elom’s first kiss ever again. Legitimately, Scott could leave the villa due to heartbreak. If not permanently, then definitely at least to the front gates to rip off his mic and have a bit of a cry. He is the male Amy Hart and it’s so, so, sad.

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