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Catherine Love Island US reaction

Everything Catherine’s been up to while Scott causes mayhem in the Love Island USA villa

Sooo maybe they’re not getting back together after all

It seemed like Catherine and Scott were heading back towards coupling up after they were both out of the Love Island villa. Caught hugging in Ruchee’s Instagram stories, palpable sexual tension at the Love Island reunion— it was all going so well. And then, suddenly, the Van-der-Sluis sauntered onto Love Island USA. Frankly, I feel lied to.

So, what has Catherine been doing since Scott made his second Love Island bombshell entrance of the summer? Pretty much, she’s been living her best hot girl life. But, in case you want more detail than that, here’s an in depth rundown:

She claimed she’d ‘be in America soon’ in the comments of Whitney’s Insta live

Scott might have heavily hinted him and Catherine were getting back together, but still he hopped on a plane to Hawaii and entered the Love Island USA villa. We were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you.

Still, Catherine seemed upbeat when she reacted to the news he was doing his second round of Love Island literal weeks after his first. In a live posted by Whitney, she can be heard saying she isn’t going to talk about the situation, but Catherine comes in the comments section making a sly “we’ll be in America soon soon” dig. Tell us MORE.

Then went to Mallorca with Casey from the last winter series?!

Soon enough, Catherine was living it up hot girl summer style in Mallorca alongside other former Islanders – including Casey who would not leave Scott alone on social media. “Swipe if you love @scottvds17,” he wrote alongside a photo with Catherine, after also tagging Scott in every. single. story. he posted with her during the trip.

And has been posting seriously gorg pics ever since while Scott cracks on with Imani in Hawaii

But, as we all know, if there’s one thing Catherine will do is serve. So, no matter how messy things may or may not have gotten with Scott behind the scenes, she’s still seriously wowing all over Insta. Will she be Stateside in a matter of weeks? Hope so. More drama needed.

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