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Victoria Beckham Rolls Royce childhood

It’s David’s Netflix doc but Victoria is the most iconic Beckham and these moments prove it

I will simply never get over her asking for her drivers license to be photoshopped

This week, we’ve all collectively lost it over Netflix’s new Beckham documentary. And, a crowning scene in the four-part deep dive into David and Victoria’s life, which Twitter is eating up like its main meal is David and Victoria arguing over whether she is, in fact, working class:

“We’re very working class,” Victoria claims, before David pops his head round the door and demands: “The the truth! What car did your dad drive you to school in?”. The answer being: A “Rolls Royce”. Their comedic timing is everything.

And this isn’t the first time Victoria has proved she’s the real icon of the Beckham family. Yes, obv, she’s a culture-shifting Spice Girl with a well-respected fashion line. But, aside from that, she’s objectively hilarious. And we have no choice but to stan these clips:

When she commended the Queen for bothering to talk to the man from Inland Revenue

The shock! The enthusiasm!

Staging a full photoshoot and asking for ‘touch ups’ on her driver’s license photo

She literally walked so Kim Kardashian could run.

When she accidentally made a penis joke while trying to thank her family in an acceptance speech

When she was unreasonably terrified on what looked like a toboggan

We love the melodrama x

When she threw hands during this Spice Girls performance for seemingly no reason whatsoever


Posh is a comedian. End of! #spicegirls #victoriabeckham #emmabunton #melb #melc #spice #poshspice #babyspice #scaryspice #sportyspice #90smusic #wembley #90spop #90snostalgia

♬ original sound – Jake

Like, very ready to fight??

When she was absolutely devoed about being pulled over by the police because she wasn’t wearing stilettos


VB will always be an icon 💅 @iconicpopculturex #fyp #viral #victoriabeckham

♬ original sound – boohoo

This woman is my favourite comedian.

When she got royally pissed off about being called ‘funny’ because she thought it meant she wasn’t hot


She’s so funny! #victoriabeckham #beckham #davidbeckham #netflix #fyp #foryoupage #blowthisuptiktok #blowthisupforme #viraltiktok #funny #comedy #relatable #vb

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“That means you’re a pig with a sense of humour” were her exact words x

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