We asked Americans what these British abbreviations mean and their answers were hilarious

One thought cozzie livs was…being cosy

As a nation, we love shortening slang and littering our conversations with abbreviations. Pres instead of pre drinks, boyf instead of boyfriend, statey funes instead of state funeral— nothing is sacred. And because this is a noticeably British habit,  why not test some Americans on their abbreviation knowledge?

But, we’ve swerved away from the well-known classics (they’ve been watching too much Love Island for those). Instead, we put forwards the most cursed British abbreviations going to truly put Erin (living in Montana), Dot (living in Texas) and Katie (living in Washington DC) to the test.

As predicted, some of their answers were seriously hectic:

Cozzie livs aka the cost of living crisis

Erin: “To be cozy. Netflix and chill. Or to be youthful/young at heart; in with the kids.”

Dot: “Gonna be honest this makes me think of food. I’m imagining a corndog? Or some other cheap food.”

Katie: “Literally no clue about this one but it looks like cozy so maybe used to describe when you’re feelin’ comfy.”

Nervy B aka nervous breakdown

Erin: “Nervous. ‘nervous bitch’, gonna be sick/puke. Stress poops? Stressed.”

Dot: “1000% nervous breakdown. If it’s anything else, I think it should be changed.”

Katie: “I’M NERVOUS! Idk maybe a stressful situation? Like you’re driving and can’t find a place to park your car.”

Genny lex aka general election

Erin: “Someone cool and popular. Or the total opposite— a straight up bitch. ‘Don’t be such a Genny Lex, you whore!’ Or someone who’s really pretty/inspirational? An influencer?”

Dot: “Again, my mind is going to food. Like food truck food, “hey do you wanna go get a genny lex?”

Katie: “Is this a reference to a generation?? It’s giving ~gen x~ to me, but maybe gen z like iPad kids??”

San Miggy aka San Miguel

Erin: “A sandwich. Lunch? Sammy and chips. Hungry. Food. Or someone who needs a shower? Dirty hoe.”

Dot: “Sounds like a vacation spot you’d gossip about in the office.”

Katie: “This feels like slang for a vacation destination like an island in Spain…I know there’s a lot of them so probably yeah.”

Holibobs aka holiday

Erin: “Random junk. Stuff? Or dessert? Something sweet?”

Dot: “Immediately sounds cute, maybe like a trinket? I’m thinking “holiday baubles” seasonal decor.”

Katie: “Is this a candy maybe?? I heard it in this British girl’s TikTok that’s moved to America…probably wrong though.”

american british slang

Cocky T aka cocktail

Erin: “A douchebag, jerk or like ‘He’s got a cocky T (got a big wanky)”

Dot: “Fancy drinks, like GNO Love Island let’s get a cocktail.”

Katie: “I also feel like I’ve heard this on TikTok and had literally no clue what it meant. Does it have something to do with drinking tea? Like really good tea so the tea is cocky bc it tastes super good haha.”

Botty B aka bottomless brunch

Erin: “Beer, alcohol. ‘Hand me that Botty B you Cocky T!’ Or someone really chatty/social/know it all.”

Dot: “This sounds like how you’d describe someone who’s being annoying, like ‘wow aren’t you a botty b today.'”

Katie: “A bottle of something like a bottle of beer Botty b… like grab me that there botty b.”

Marly Gold aka Marlboro Gold

Erin: “Good vibes. Dope as fuck. Drugs? Weed? Dope? Or someone wildin’? The life of the party?”

Dot: “Malboro Golds. Drunk cigs for all the girls.”

Katie: “That’s marly gold!!! Feels like how you would describe a good situation or a hot person like…damn that boy is marly gold.”

Arvo aka afternoon

Erin: “Stupid. Dumbass. Sounds mean. A jock maybe? Or someone really fit/strong/athletic?”

Dot: “This sounds like a disease, going with ilness.”

Katie: “I said this out loud in a British accent and it sounds like avo like avocado so like avocado toast…is this what you call avocado toast??”

Handy J aka handjob

Erin: “A hand/blow job? Penis – pee pee sword fights? Or a really cool handshake?”

Dot: “HAND JOB! Obviously!”

Katie: “This is totally a hand job right? If not oops lmao.”

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