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TikTok sprinkle sprinkle

Okay so what does ‘sprinkle sprinkle’ actually mean, and why is everyone on TikTok saying it?

The girlies love this phrase rn

Right, we’re at the point now where there’s so much TikTok slang infiltrating our chat we might legitimately need to start re-writing the Oxford dictionary. The latest phrase dominating the FYP’s comment section is “sprinkle sprinkle” – an expression that seemingly says nothing, yet, is everywhere. So, in case you’re confused too, here’s the meaning explained:

Ok so, where did sprinkle sprinkle suddenly come from?

Sprinkle sprinkle’s origins actually began on YouTube with a creator called Leticia Padua aka SheraSeven. Mostly, she dishes out life and dating advice for the girls:

Should you date a broke unemployed guy?: “If you ugly and that is your last hope and dying wish. Sprinkle sprinkle”. What does it mean when a guy says he’s not ready for a relationship?: “That mean he don’t want you. Sprinkle sprinkle.” What is your advice for a 21 year old?: “Have fun, don’t get pregnant and don’t sleep with no dusty broke man.

“There you go. Sprinkle sprinkle.”


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Shera isn’t actually on TikTok but clips of her most savage (and life saving) advice have been uploaded to the app by her fans and she’s going viral, like hundreds of thousands of likes viral. So, obviously everyone is picking up her biggest catch phrase, sprinkle sprinkle, and using it in the comment section of other videos.

And what does sprinkle sprinkle actually mean?

Shera has explained her catchphrase in YouTube videos before: “If ya’ll don’t know what sprinkle sprinkle means, it means like ‘blessings’ [or] ‘bless your heart’,” she said.

“It’s just something I made up a long time ago on this channel so, it’s just like saying ‘okay, bless your heart’. You know, ‘back at you’. Whatever y’all needed it to mean.”

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