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‘We were learning on the job’: Joel reveals all about being in MIC’s first ever throuple

He spoke to The Tab about his newly open relationship with Robbie

Made In Chelsea is arguably the most progressive reality TV show out there. It was the first reality series to air a same-sex wedding when Ollie Locke and Gareth got married in 2020, going on to document their surrogacy journey and share the news they’re now expecting twins. And, in the new Made In Chelsea: Corsica spin off, the show is sharing its first ever throuple story line between Robbie Mullett, Joel Mignott and the series’ vibey model newcomer Geronimo Mörtl.

So, ahead of the new seriously hectic series airing this Sunday, we caught up with Joel to chat about his newly open relationship with Robbie and what is was like entering into a three-way relationship for the first time – surrounded by a camera crew.

“This series me and Robbie explored more about consensual non monogamy and open relationships and what that looks like to us,” Joel tells The Tab of his time in Corsica. “My mind frame was just have fun and enjoy yourself. One hundred per cent I’d do it again,” he adds: “Each time you do it, you learn something more and it’s actually showed me and Robbie how we can be better partners for each other. I’d highly recommend.” 

Joel, Robbie and Geronimo’s throuple isn’t just the first time there’s been a three-way relationship on Made in Chelsea but the first time in UK reality TV history a male three-way kiss has been aired. Channel 4 even hired a queer specialist to support the cast involved through the process. And Joel says he wasn’t nervous to film or feature in the storyline thanks to the production team’s approach:

When you put yourself on a stage where you’re open to viewers and we didn’t have the answers for each other so we’re learning on the job,” he says. “Production went above and beyond to make sure we were safe in that environment and by the book so it was the perfect place to explore it and we had help from everybody else to support us and just ease through.” 

But regardless of whether you’re on reality TV or not, opening up your relationship for non-monogamy is a scary prospect. So, does Joel and Robbie’s relationship survive it? “Was it perfect for our relationship? No,” he says. “But I think moving through that we’ve taken a lot away for it, which you’ll see. 

It’s important to remember relationships aren’t supposed to be blissful all the time,” he adds. “You do have to face challenges but it’s how you work together to face those challenges and hold that space for each other. Me and Robbie aren’t perfect at that but we damned near try our hardest.” 

Made in Chelsea: Corsica will begin on Sunday, 13th August at 9pm. For all the latest reality TV and entertainment news and gossip, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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