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Co-stars and mirror selfies: Inside Paul Mescal’s now-deleted Instagram account

He’s so mysterious I can’t cope

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a man with no social media presence is, automatically, 10 times sexier. So when Paul Mescal recently revealed on The Louis Theroux podcast he was fully off socials thanks to the pressure to post film trailers and photoshoots making him feel like a “commodity”, his low key digital footprint became all the more intriguing.

Because Paul did have Instagram: @bigbreadpedlar – an account with over 130k followers, which he made private nine months ago around the same time rumours recirculated about his ex Phoebe Bridgers and The 1975’s Matty Healy.

Those who’ve made it through Paul’s follow request vetting process have claimed his Instagram account was “never super front-facing” adding “he never even allowed comments on his posts”. So, why he chose to go private with that many eyes on him already did seem like a massive mystery until he spoke out about not wanting to use his online presence for promotion.

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Credit: Instagram

But thanks to the ever-fervent fandom which follows Paul wherever he goes, many many photos from his low key private Insta have been leaked to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok— and Daisy Edgar Jones makes a lot of appearances.

So in mournful honour of his departure from the Gram, let’s look back on some of Paul’s most thirsty posts, from vibey film photography to slutty little mirror selfies:

Behind the scenes photos with Saoirse Ronan on the set of Foe

Hanging out at the pub with Saoirse

Reflecting on his role in Aftersun

Getting into his artist era

Mirror selfies with Eduardo Ackerman

Getting ready for the Oscars with his mum

Aaaand a load more Oscar backstage moments

Partying with Ayo Edebiri

Posing with Daisy Edgar Jones

On set for Gladiator 2 (maybe)

The classic 2010s white border

Aaaand a whole load more mirror selfies

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