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Here’s what the mysterious ending of Netflix’s Beef really means for Amy and Danny

We NEED a second season asap

Beef has shot up Netflix’s top ten ranking ridiculously fast. So, it’s reasonable to assume thousands of us inhaled all ten episodes over the bank holiday with an Easter egg in hand. That being said, the conclusion of the rollercoaster feud wasn’t that easy to follow, with or without a sugar high, and now we’re all Googling the same thing: “Beef ending explained”.

Yup, the final instalment of Amy and Danny’s nemesis narrative left a lot of people baffled. Do they hate each other? Is there some kind of spark between them? Is George going to jail? There are a lot of unknowns. So, here is everything we know about Beef’s elusive ending so far. Spoilers (obviously) ahead:

Right, what does the ending of Beef actually mean for Amy and Danny?

Beef ending explained

A LOT happens in the final episode of Beef: Amy drives Danny off a cliff, takes him hostage with a gun, is attacked by crows, injures her ankle, gives them both poison berries, and somehow comes out alive as they both clamber their way out of the wildness and back onto the main road.

But just as it seems like Amy and Danny are, both literally and figuratively, out of the woods, Amy’s ex-husband George appears and shoots Danny to the ground. He doesn’t die, but is seriously wounded and Amy promises to stay by his bedside while he recovers to full health after they settled their differences in the Los Angeles countryside.

In the final scene, Amy cuddles Danny in his hospital bed and, while he’s half asleep, he hugs her back, which many viewers have seen as romantic. “I think any time two people have that deep of a connection, it’s easy to extrapolate that,” the show’s creator Lee Sung Jin told Elle of the cuddling. “But I honestly don’t know. I’m very curious what would happen to Danny and Amy once they leave that room. I have my own feelings on the romantic side of their relationship, but I certainly welcome all interpretations.”

Beef ending explained

Beef ending explained

“We actually knew the end scene even before we pitched the show, because I knew mood-wise, there had to be something that felt like these people are really connecting,” the show’s creator added to The Hollywood Reporter. “The idea that here’s the person who’s seen the worst of you and they’re still there was always the North Star, but we didn’t quite know how to show that.”

“It was actually Ali Wong who pitched Amy crawling into the hospital bed,” he explained. “Once she pitched that…[we] were like, ‘Oh, that’s it,’ so we incorporated that into the pitch. Having that as the ending really helped the writing, because then you can kind of reverse-engineer it. I knew that because the finale was probably going to be kind of quiet, I wanted the penultimate [episode] to really go off.”

And they definitely succeeded in the whole of Twitter speculating exactly what that hug really meant.

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