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Chicken nuggets and festivals: Inside Paul Mescal’s wholesome boyfriend material life

Of COURSE he took his mum as his date to the Oscars

If I had one wish in the world it would be for Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott to be on their All of Us Strangers press tour forever. I will never get sick of these two adorable men in their silly little cardigans. They’re melting hearts with their intensely wholesome vibes. We’re horny and heart warmed. It’s confusing.

But, let’s get real, Paul has long been the people’s princess. TikTok’s For You Page is covered with his face. However, just in case you need a bit more Mescal content to get you through the day, here’s a look inside Paul’s super kind, family-first, life that will make you wish he’s your boyfriend even more than you already do:

He took his mum as his date to the Oscars

Paul’s last night at the Oscars (where he sadly didn’t win any awards) pretty much exemplified his wholesome energy. He took his mum Dearbhla, who’s battling bone marrow cancer, as his date. He bounced on the bed in his hotel room in excitement before the ceremony and made TikToks with his sister Nell after she did their mum’s makeup. A whole family affair.


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He’s into chicken nuggets

Of course, Amelia Dimoldenberg was on the Oscars after party red carpet scoring dates with the hottest men of the night. And during her chat with Paul it was a relief to learn he’s not yet too A-list for the humble chicken nugget. “I love chicken nuggets. I love chicken tenders. I love chicken drum sticks,” he told her. “I’m like the perfect target”. Um, okay, Chicken Shop Date is definitely pending.


I sense some flirting #paulmescal #paulmescaledits #amelia #chickenshopdate #chickenshop #interview #vanityfair #vanityfairoscarparty

I sense some flirting #paulmescal #paulmescaledits #amelia #chickenshopdate #chickenshop #interview #vanityfair #vanityfairoscarparty

His first communion photo is famous now, too

After he spoke Irish on the BAFTA’s red carpet, it was no secret Paul’s proud of where he comes from. And his home is proud of him, too. Ahead of the Oscars, children and teachers from his primary school Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich in Maynooth sent him a good luck card complete with a photo from his first communion. Sobbing.


There’s something in our eye 🥲 Dearbhla Mescal, mother of actor and #Oscars2023 nominee Paul Mescal joined Ray for a very special surprise from the students of Paul’s old primary school, Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich in Maynooth. 🥰📝 #paulmescal #aftersun #normalpeople

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He bought his first house in Ireland after getting big

Unlike most celebs who move stateside the literal second their agent says they’re booked for another gig, Paul bought his first house in West Cork, Ireland. “It’s a beautiful part of the world. It’s peaceful. And the people are kind,” he told the Financial Times.

“I hope I don’t hate [the house] in five years…I’m afraid of that. It’s just all of those burgeoning adult things like having a mortgage. It’s slightly stressful. But exciting. You have to grow up at some point.”

Paul Mescal Oscars

Credit: Instagram

He really goes for it on the dance floor

Last night at the Oscars, Paul joked on the red carpet he wanted to dance on the table at the Vanity Fair after party. But we wouldn’t have been surprised. This man loves to move. And last Spring at Coachella while other celebrities were posing it up at pools parties, he was front and centre in the crowds, literally jumping up and down with joy. Adorable.


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He has a dog called Maxine

Obviously, Paul’s a dog man. And, in an interview with W Magazine reveals he does in fact speak to her in a funny voice. “We call her the little pig, which is maybe a bit mean,” he said. “She oscillates between being very beautiful and also less beautiful depending on the day. Treat the dogs with dignity.”

He got his co-star a message from Olivia Rodrigo for her birthday

As if Paul and his 13-year-old AfterSun co-star Frankie Corio didn’t have a cute enough relationship already, Paul surprised Frankie with a video message from Olivia Rodrigo on her birthday. Obv, she was buzzing. And he was patting her on the head like an older brother the whole way through the surprise. It’s too much to handle.


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He hates when people are late

You can tell a lot about a man from his pet peeves. And Paul’s is time keeping. “People who are consistently late, I’m like nah,” he said in a recent interview. “we can all be late sometimes but when it’s consistently five to ten minutes late I’m like well, just start whatever process five or ten minutes earlier. It’s just the irritating amount late.”

So, if you do by some miracle of the universe get a date with the world’s most in demand actor, be. on. time.

He was in a musical society and does song covers with his sister

Truly, I’m not sure how I wound up this deep in Paul Mescal content, but when he was younger he played Javert in an amateur production of Les Mis. Here’s him singing Stars in a top hat and a beard. Genuinely quite shaken by the baritone. He also recorded song covers with his sister Nell during lockdown. Cute.

He simply loves tinnies in the park

And finally, on the third anniversary of lockdown, it seems only right to mention Paul’s multi-beverage, short shorts, London parks era. From the moment he strode along the street with two pink gin in a tins we knew the humble king of Normcore had been found. Live, laugh, Mescal x

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