Meet Harry Carter: The Channing Tatum lookalike stripping in Magic Mike’s Last Dance

He has a LOT of fans on TikTok

Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the final instalment in Channing Tatum’s extremely well-loved franchise about a group of male strippers, is now officially in cinemas and everyone has been off to see it. Like, even Kim Kardashian has headed off to her local screening— the world is obsessed.

And one cast member in particular has captured the attention of a LOT of people: Harry Carter. So, in case your amongst one of the millions of TikTok users who can’t get enough of the dancer with a disarming likeness to Channing Tatum, here’s everything you need to know about the film’s breakout star:

He’s 24 and from Blackburn

Known as the “cheeky Northern lad” of the Magic Mike cast, Harry Carter grew up in Feniscowles, Blackburn and studied at the Bernese School Of Theatre and Dance before landing his role in Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

“I joined Bernese when I was 13, and there were not many lads,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph in 2019.  “But they were good to me and helped me channel my energy to the right area of focus. I come back here sometimes because I’m thankful to them. You have to let people know where your roots are. This was my foundation.”

He’s been dancing in the Magic Mike Live show for years

Harry was cast in Magic Mike’s Last Dance after performing in the London show, Magic Mike Live, for the past four years and hanging out with Channing Tatum, who choreographed the show, backstage.

“There’s always an amazing response because it’s dancing that is made to connect with our audience” Harry said of dancing in the show. “It’s not just a stereotypical thing people might see, it’s about dance and interaction with women.”

He has A LOT of fans on TikTok

As you might expect, Harry has gained some serious attention on TikTok after dancing in Magic Mike Live for so long. You can follow him @Harrycarter_mml and using the same username on Instagram.


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